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### Free AI Ready Training Offered by Amazon for Preparing Individuals for AI Work

Amazon hosts more than 80 courses on AI. Will you try one?

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The discussion revolves around the impact of artificial intelligence on our daily lives. AI is being developed as a tool to simplify various aspects of life, ranging from medical applications such as aiding visually impaired individuals in communication to more common uses like email management.

Authorities are keen on expanding their team with individuals who grasp the potential of AI technology in enhancing revenue and customer support, recognizing its enduring presence in the business landscape.

By the year 2025, an estimated 2 million individuals will have the opportunity to delve into this new realm, courtesy of Amazon’s initiative, “AI Ready.”
Amazon is committed to providing free educational resources to both new hires and existing staff interested in delving deeper into AI, acknowledging its transformative impact on business operations. The company envisions AI as a catalyst for addressing “the world’s most challenging issues,” dubbing it the “most groundbreaking technology of our era.”

Swami Sivasubramanian, the Vice President of Information and AI at Amazon Web Services, believes that the ongoing initiatives will democratize AI knowledge, ensuring broader access to these critical skills. He stated, “By removing barriers to acquiring these essential capabilities, we will expand our current suite of AI training courses and initiatives.”

A recent study backed by Amazon revealed that 73% of employers view artificial intelligence as a crucial element of their business strategies. However, a significant portion of respondents struggle to find proficient AI users. In response to this skills gap, Amazon’s leadership introduced these free programs to the public.

With over 80 complimentary and cost-effective AI programs available, including eight new offerings, there is something for everyone, even those without prior AI experience. Three programs cater specifically to non-technical users, while the remaining five courses—Fundamentals of Prompt Engineering, Low-Code Machine Learning on AWS, Building Language Models on Amazon Transcribe—Getting Started, and Building Generative AI Applications Using Amazon Bedrock—are tailored for designers and professionals. These courses are accessible through AWS Skill Builder.

Enrollment is required to access these resources. Additionally, you can introduce your children to AI through the Hour of Code Dance Party with AI in the meantime.

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Last modified: February 22, 2024
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