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### Revolutionizing Stroke Care: AI-Powered Accelerated Treatment

The startup has 12 FDA-approved algorithms, agreements with more than 1,500 U.S. hospitals, and pla…

The organization has contracts with more than 1,500 medical facilities in the United States, possesses a dozen FDA-approved algorithms for detecting issues, and expresses strong intentions to collaborate with pharmaceutical firms to ease care bottlenecks.

On October 26, Jess Allison suffered a medical emergency while en route to New York City for an event. At 41, she suddenly lost mobility on her right side and speech. With the assistance of a patron at an outdoor café, she dialed 911, leading to her prompt transfer to Mount Sinai West in the city center.

Upon a preliminary diagnosis of a suspected injury, Jess underwent a CT scan at the emergency room. Subsequently, she underwent surgery under the guidance of a neurosurgeon from Mount Sinai. Recalling the event, she described seeing flashes of light in her mind and feeling immediate responses from her right side to the surgeon’s commands. This seamless coordination, though disconcerting, was vital for her recovery, as detailed in Forbes.

The potential of artificial intelligence in precise disease diagnosis and progression monitoring is becoming increasingly apparent.

Chris Mansi, Chief Executive Officer and AI Director

Having recovered, Jess is now back at her job in Washington, D.C., actively raising funds for the Melanoma Research Foundation. Despite experiencing a stroke called a large vessel occlusion, typically resulting in minor effects, her swift treatment was facilitated by an AI-driven program from Viz. Ai. This innovative technology compares CT scan images of stroke patients with an extensive database, enabling rapid and accurate medical interventions crucial in time-sensitive situations such as strokes, which impact nearly 800,000 Americans annually.

Chris Mansi, the innovative mind behind the company and its CEO, envisions a future where AI, utilizing a combination of image-based and conceptual AI, could detect up to 100 diseases. With a focus on oncology, neuroscience, and cardiology, Viz sees immense potential in enhancing patient care across various medical fields, striving to make disease identification and treatment more effective and accessible.

The Entrepreneurial Path of a Neurosurgeon

Aged 39, Mansi, originally from Newcastle, England, pursued his medical studies at the University of Cambridge. His passion for neurosurgery led him to establish Edusurg in 2012, assisting aspiring medical professionals in exam preparation. Transitioning from surgery to entrepreneurship, Mansi delved into technological exploration, including ventures into 3D brain printing and nerve stimulation tool development, culminating in a fateful encounter with David Golan, an Israeli expert in machine learning, at Stanford in 2016.

Their collaboration, supported by former Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s investment, aimed to revolutionize stroke care through AI and medical imaging. Despite the obstacles and doubts surrounding AI in healthcare at the time, Mansi’s persistence and foresight laid the groundwork for Viz’s pioneering initiatives in the medical realm.

Innovative Solutions in Healthcare

Viz’s AI algorithms, boasting 12 FDA endorsements, have significantly improved medical decision-making, particularly in critical conditions like stroke and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. By swiftly identifying early indicators and streamlining diagnostic procedures, Viz’s technology has played a vital role in saving lives and enhancing patient outcomes.

Partnerships with esteemed medical institutions and collaborations with pharmaceutical behemoths such as Bristol Myers Squibb underscore Viz’s dedication to advancing healthcare through state-of-the-art AI solutions. The fusion of image-based and conceptual AI holds promise for efficiently diagnosing a plethora of diseases, potentially reshaping the landscape of patient care across diverse medical specialties.

In the realm of AI-powered healthcare, Viz stands at the forefront, navigating intricate regulatory frameworks and technological advancements to deliver precision medicine and expedite therapeutic interventions. With a strong emphasis on patient-centered care and industry partnerships, Viz continues to redefine healthcare norms, providing optimism and transformative resolutions to patients and healthcare professionals alike.

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Last modified: February 22, 2024
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