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– FOX Sports Expands Google Cloud Partnership for Streamlined Sports Video Search

The old way of searching through countless hours of archived sports footage is going out the window…

A system owned by FOX Corp., the parent company of Fox News and Fox Business, known as FX Sports, has accumulated a substantial amount of video content over nearly three decades. The archives contain millions of hours of sports-related material, requiring numerous individuals to sift through this vast collection continuously to generate fresh content.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, this previously arduous task can now be completed much more efficiently. FOX Sports recently announced a new partnership with Google Cloud aimed at unlocking the full potential of their content archives.

Through Vertex AI Vision, Google Cloud’s advanced AI technology can swiftly navigate through extensive MLB data, archived NFL visuals, NASCAR videos, and other resources.

Anil Jain, Google Cloud’s International Managing Director of Corporate Consumer Industries, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration with FOX Sports, stating that they are leveraging the intelligence goods company, a solution developed jointly to revolutionize content production using Google Cloud’s search capabilities and AI.

Traditional methods of accessing specific content sometimes necessitated physical travel to another location. FOX Sports had a media management system in place, but it was incomplete. According to Dustin Myers, Senior Vice President of FOX Sports and Manufacturing Operations, while they had data from the past four to five years readily available, accessing information dating back to 1995 required a trip to a distant bunker.

To enhance their operational approach, FOX Sports embarked on an extensive search for innovative systems. After engaging with numerous organizations, the focus shifted to cloud technologies, which were gaining prominence in 2017. Following discussions with Google, a transformative partnership was forged to streamline work processes and improve efficiency.

Utilizing Vertex AI Vision, FOX Sports can efficiently manage live sports content, analyze vast amounts of footage, and facilitate quick information retrieval. This technology enables users to search for specific content using keywords, enhancing the accessibility and utilization of archived material across various platforms.

The collaboration with Google Cloud has enabled FOX Sports to optimize video analysis, machine learning simulations, and content search, significantly enhancing their media production capabilities and audience engagement strategies.

The partnership emphasizes the integration of automation into daily workflows, leading to enhanced operational efficiency and a more engaging viewer experience. By leveraging video research, advanced machine learning, and artificial intelligence, FOX Sports can streamline tagging and searching of video content, providing relevant information promptly in the fast-paced sports media industry.

In conclusion, FOX Sports’ collaboration with Google Cloud underscores their commitment to delivering exceptional viewing experiences across platforms, driven by cutting-edge technologies that elevate content creation and audience engagement in the sports media landscape.

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Last modified: February 27, 2024
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