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### Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Seinfeld Star, Uses AI for Acceptance Speech, Mistaken for Julia Roberts

“Seinfeld” star Julia Louis-Dreyfus said she used ChatGPT to write her acceptance speec…

A system, not a fan, mistakenly identified Julia Louis-Dreyfus as another Hollywood superstar during the WSJ’s entertainment awards ceremony. The “Veep” star disclosed that she utilized the AI robot ChatGPT to assist in crafting her speech for the 2023 Innovator Honors featured in a recent magazine issue.

In a TikTok post shared by the publication, Louis-Dreyfus humorously mentioned, “As an entertainment entrepreneur, I am actively engaged in innovation.” She humorously added that she turned to Chat GPT-4, behaving as any seasoned pioneer would.

The 56-year-old actress humorously claimed that the system provided her with the “exact” subsequent speech.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus utilized ChatGPT to compose her acceptance speech for the WSJ Innovator Magazine Awards. She playfully delivered the lines, “Ladies and gentlemen, esteemed friends, and fellow investors, today marks a moment of profound gratitude and reflection as I receive the esteemed recognition of being named Investor of the Year by the Wall Street Journal.”

Reflecting on her achievements, Louis-Dreyfus continued, “I am reminded of the unwavering support from my family and the dedicated efforts of our team that have been instrumental in shaping my investment strategies and my roles in ‘Erin Brockovich,’ ‘Pretty Woman,’ and ‘Mystic Pizza.’”

During her speech, Julia Louis-Dreyfus shared excerpts from ChatGPT, which mistakenly referenced Julia Roberts and highlighted some of the star’s film roles. The audience found the mix-up between Louis-Dreyfus and Roberts, as well as the interchange of “innovator” and “investor,” quite amusing.

In conclusion, Louis-Dreyfus emphasized, “Ultimately, it is the individuals who drive innovation and entertainment, not artificial intelligence.”

As the actors and writers unions initiated a strike in May, AI technology became a significant point of contention. SAG-AFTRA concluded their strike on November 9, with the final agreement pending member approval after the WGA settled in late September.

At the WSJ event, Martin Scorsese, a recipient of the 2023 Innovator Awards, was honored with the Film Innovation Award, underscoring the significance of human creativity in technological advancements.

Martin Scorsese highlighted the transformative impact of today’s technology, likening it to the Industrial Revolution. He emphasized the importance of human involvement in innovation, stating that despite technological advancements, filmmaking remains a craft rooted in human creativity.


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Last modified: February 21, 2024
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