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### Introducing AI Technology to the PC Market: ASRock’s New Game Plan and RX 7000 GPU Restrictions

Making AI accessible to all.

With its Internet of Things (IoT) QuickSet software, ASRock is striving to simplify and increase accessibility to artificial intelligence (AI) for PC users. Essentially, AI QuickSet streamlines the process of downloading and installing certain AI initiatives. The company asserts that this innovative application could facilitate the proliferation of AI, albeit requiring an ASRock RX 7000 series GPU for utilization.

Understanding the functionality of Artificial QuickSet is relatively straightforward; it operates akin to a platform like Steam but tailored for AI technology. Essentially, Artificial QuickSet serves as a centralized hub where users can effortlessly download and install AI applications with minimal manual intervention. While not exorbitantly priced, it holds significant potential. A user-friendly program with low barriers to entry simplifies installation processes, thereby fostering commercialization.

It is logical for ASRock to restrict the usage of AI QuickSet to its proprietary graphics cards. However, the company exclusively manufactures AMD and Intel GPUs, allowing for the utilization of Radeon RX 7000 series GPUs. Although ASRock specifically highlights the advanced AI capabilities of RDNA 3 and the RX 7000 series GPUs it powers, this delineation appears somewhat arbitrary.

Despite potential performance disparities, users of RX 6000 and Arc Alchemist GPUs may have found utility in AI QuickSet. Moreover, confining the application’s usage to a specific subset of PC users possessing an ASRock RX 7000 series card could impede the company’s efforts to popularize AI.

AMD’s focus on integrating AI into consumer components serves as the driving force behind this novel application. The company recently introduced a driver update enhancing AI and machine learning performance in applications such as Stable Diffusion and Adobe Lightroom, complementing the capabilities of RDNA 3, which inherently boasts superior hardware for AI operations.

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Last modified: February 24, 2024
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