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– **Lasso Security Emerges from Stealth with $6M Seed Funding for Pioneering Gen AI and Advanced LLM Cybersecurity**

TEL AVIV, Israel, Nov. 22, 2023 — Lasso Security has announced a $6 million seed round led by…

Samsung Next and Entrée Capital have participated in a $6 million seed funding round for Lasso Security. Over the years, there have been significant industrial revolutions, from the advent of the internet in the 1990s to the rise of cloud technology in 2010, and most recently, the emergence of GenerativeAI.

The adoption of Gen AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) technologies has been met with enthusiasm by millions of individuals and thousands of companies. However, this rapid adoption has also raised concerns about security risks associated with LLMs, including data privacy, security, and compliance issues. Lasso aims to address these challenges by offering comprehensive protection for companies utilizing Gen AI and other large language model technologies, setting a new standard in the cybersecurity industry. The company plans to use the funding to expand its team and enhance its product offerings.

Lasso Security’s primary objective is to provide cutting-edge security solutions to pioneers in Gen AI and LLM technologies, enabling businesses to fully leverage these advancements. The company is actively combating various complex cybersecurity threats posed by LLMs, such as model fraud, malicious code generation, data poisoning, and supply chain attacks. Additionally, Lasso offers guidance on the proper use of LLM-based office tools, real-time monitoring of sensitive information disclosure, and insights into employee utilization of these tools.

Elad Schulman, the CEO of Lasso Security, emphasizes the transformative potential of LLMs while acknowledging the security vulnerabilities they introduce. Businesses without dedicated Gen AI risk management solutions may face adverse consequences in the near future. Lasso’s comprehensive security platform is designed to prevent and address LLM-related security issues, safeguarding systems that utilize conceptual AI technologies. The company’s advanced security measures include continuous monitoring of LLM activities to ensure data security and integrity.

By leveraging innovative technologies like Shadow AI Discovery and Real-time Detection systems, Lasso can swiftly respond to emerging threats and provide end-to-end protection for organizations. The company’s seamless integration with existing security policies enables businesses to deploy LLMs in production environments securely, safeguarding user privacy and data integrity.

Despite the immense potential of LLMs, their adoption also introduces new security and compliance challenges. Eran Bielski, a general partner at Entrée Capital, underscores the importance of addressing these challenges to facilitate technological progress. Lasso’s tailored solutions mitigate the vulnerabilities associated with LLMs, enabling companies to integrate large language models into their operations securely.

René Bonvanie, a former CMO of Palo Alto Networks and a member of Lasso’s Advisory Board, highlights the need for proactive security measures in the rapidly evolving threat landscape. Lasso’s vision to secure conceptual AI aligns with the imperative to stay ahead of security threats and protect organizations reliant on these technologies.

Lasso Security, founded in 2023 by Elad Schulman, Lior Ziv, Ophir Dror, and Yuval Abadi, comprises a team of seasoned professionals, data scientists, and digital innovators dedicated to enhancing LLM-based environments for businesses. The company’s mission is to support firms in implementing conceptual AI effectively while safeguarding critical data and privacy.

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Last modified: February 8, 2024
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