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### Addressing AI Concerns: Internet Founder Vint Cerf’s Valid Worries

Artificial intelligence should not be conflated with real human intelligence and it should not be d…

Dr. Vint Cerf, known as the pioneer of the Internet, emphasized to NDTV in an exclusive interview that artificial intelligence (AI) should not be confused with genuine human intelligence. He cautioned against relying on AI for critical tasks such as “retirement finance planning” and “medical diagnosis.” Currently serving as Google’s Chief Internet Evangelist, Dr. Cerf highlighted that existing systems are far from perfect.

He explained that AI primarily functions as a form of machine learning, limited to replicating the information it has been exposed to. Dr. Cerf warned that voice-activated AI could potentially execute actions against the user’s wishes, illustrating a scenario where an AI assistant might grant access to an unidentified individual without proper verification, leading to security concerns.

Addressing the issue of self-aware AI, Dr. Cerf expressed skepticism, stating his hope that AI systems are not yet capable of achieving self-awareness. He stressed the necessity for developers to gain a deeper understanding of these technologies, citing examples of larger AI models often termed as “hallucinating models,” blending factual data to generate hypothetical outcomes.

Furthermore, Dr. Cerf raised concerns about the rising influence of deepfakes, particularly in the entertainment industry. He advocated for stringent regulations to govern deepfake technology due to its potential risks, emphasizing the importance of holding accountable those responsible for creating such deceptive content.

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Last modified: February 11, 2024
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