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– Upcoming Integration of Microsoft’s NavigatorAI in Windows 10

Today, the company has confirmed that it’s bringing Copilot AI to Windows 10.

Microsoft has made an announcement today regarding the addition of Copilot AI to Windows 10, marking a significant development in the company’s AI initiatives. Windows Insider users are expected to gain early access to this feature through an upcoming Release Preview update, with Copilot potentially appearing on the right side of the Task Bar. Upon selection, users will be presented with the familiar Copilot interface, allowing for the management of Windows features, document interaction, and AI inquiries. Importantly, the Copilot window is designed not to obstruct open windows or overlap with desktop content, as confirmed by Microsoft.

This recent unveiling may ring a bell for those following tech news, as Windows Central had reported earlier this month on Windows 10’s integration of Copilot. The move, while not entirely surprising, underscores an interesting trend. Despite the introduction of Windows 11 as Microsoft’s latest operating system, it currently only accounts for 26% of Windows installations, with Windows 10 maintaining a stronghold at 69%.

Although Microsoft had previously announced that Windows 10 had reached 1 billion installations in 2020, recent data suggests even higher figures. As per Windows Central’s findings, Windows 11 is currently running on 400 million devices. Given these statistics, it becomes clear why Microsoft is extending its cutting-edge technology to an aging OS, especially considering that Windows 10’s “end of service” date is slated for October 14, 2025. The strategic decision to introduce Copilot to a broader user base aims to capitalize on the widespread adoption of Windows 10.

Looking ahead, Microsoft anticipates rolling out Copilot for Windows 10 in preview mode across North America, as well as select regions in Asia and South America. To prepare for the forthcoming update, Windows Insiders are encouraged to install the November demo upgrade today and enable the “Get the latest improvements as soon as they’re available” feature within Windows Update. This proactive approach aligns with Microsoft’s commitment to delivering innovative AI solutions to a global audience.

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Last modified: February 25, 2024
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