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### Microsoft Unveils Copilot AI Assistant for Windows 10

Microsoft will roll out the Copilot AI-powered assistant to Windows 10 systems enrolled in the Insi…

Over the next few weeks, Microsoft is set to introduce the Copilot AI-powered assistant to Windows 10 devices participating in the Insider Program.

Following its initial launch in September, Copilot has been activated by default on Windows 11 23H2 devices.

Customers will soon have the option to join the Windows Insider Program for Business Release Preview Channel to explore Copilot on Windows 10 22H2 devices.

Copilot will be gradually rolled out to Windows 10 22H2 Home editions and unmanaged Pro editions through a phased feature deployment over several months.

Users interested in testing Copilot on Windows 10 22H2 devices can opt in by navigating to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update, enabling the “Get the latest updates as soon as they’re available” toggle, and checking for updates after installing the November 2023 non-security preview update.

As per information released by Redmond on a recent support page, the end-of-support date for Windows 10 remains October 14, 2025.

The preview version of “Copilot in Windows” is now live, and based on user feedback, ongoing enhancements and innovations will be implemented.

Upon installation of Copilot on a Windows 10 device, users can access the chat window interface by clicking the navigator icon on the taskbar. Additionally, Copilot in Windows 10 offers voice interactions, which can be activated by clicking the camera icon within the chat window, mirroring the functionality available in Windows 11.

While the Windows 10 version of Copilot shares similarities with its Windows 11 counterpart, certain features such as app launching and preference adjustments may not be supported.

Copilot in Windows 10Copilot in Microsoft Windows 10

The demo release of Copilot in Windows 10 may be initially limited to select international markets. The primary regions for the initial preview of Copilot in Windows include North America, parts of Asia, and South America, with more regions slated to follow.

Furthermore, it has been indicated that the Copilot rollout may exclude Windows 10 systems running Pro, Enterprise, and Education editions.

The Windows Insider Program Team clarified that organization-managed Windows 10 Pro devices on version 22H2 will not be included in the initial deployment of Copilot in Windows with the November non-security preview update.

Similarly, Windows 10 Business and Education editions on version 22H2 will also not be part of the initial Copilot rollout with the November non-security preview update.

IT administrators can refer to the “Manage Copilot in Windows” support section to prepare for the integration of Copilot on Windows 10.

This recent announcement aligns with a report from Windows Central, indicating Microsoft’s plans to expand Copilot’s user base significantly by integrating the AI assistant into the desktop environment of Windows 10 users.

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Last modified: February 25, 2024
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