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### Elevating Your Samsung Galaxy S24 Usage: Improved AI and Quicker Charging

Commentary: I’m hoping to see practical changes like more storage along with new AI features …

Samsung has placed a strong emphasis on enhancing the Galaxy S23, with a primary focus on improving battery life, increasing the base storage for higher-tier models, and upgrading the camera system in the Ultra version. However, the incorporation of advanced AI functionalities in Samsung’s Galaxy devices, particularly the upcoming Galaxy S24, has the potential to offer more than just incremental improvements.

While the integration of innovative AI features shows promise, the recommendation-worthiness of a smartphone depends heavily on fundamental aspects such as battery durability, display quality, and camera performance. Nevertheless, as AI technology progresses and becomes more prevalent in everyday applications and services, its role in shaping user experiences is expected to expand.

Looking forward to the anticipated release of the Galaxy S24, here are some key AI enhancements that are expected:

Key AI Enhancements

A screenshot showing what the chat interface for Bixby Text Call looks like for the recipient.

Samsung has already integrated AI into its devices through features like Bixby Text Call, which combines text messaging and voice calls for seamless user interactions. While Samsung may not have highlighted AI development as prominently as other tech giants such as Google, Meta, and Microsoft, recent indications suggest a shift towards prioritizing AI integration. The introduction of Gauss, a novel conceptual AI model that spans language, image, and code domains, in addition to Galaxy AI, underscores Samsung’s dedication to enhancing user experiences. While specific details about Gauss and GalaxyAI are limited, they are anticipated to revolutionize tasks like call transcription and document summarization.

One notable area where Samsung’s device ecosystem has lagged is in the absence of practical features found in Pixel phones, such as real-time transcription with Google Recorder. The potential introduction of conceptual AI in the Galaxy S24 could help bridge this feature gap. However, the challenge lies in finding the right balance between utility and excess, as exemplified by some of the Pixel 8’s photo editing features that raise concerns about image authenticity.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

The Galaxy S23 Ultra continues to support 45-watt fast charging, similar to its predecessor. In contrast, competitors like Lenovo ThinkPhone offer faster charging speeds, with the Motorola Edge Plus surpassing the Galaxy S23 Plus in charging efficiency. While rapid charging may not be a decisive factor, enhancing charging speeds in the Galaxy S24 could cater to users looking for quicker device recharging.

Enhanced Base Storage for Galaxy S24

Samsung’s Galaxy S23

Given the increasing use of apps, photos, and videos, concerns about device storage limitations have become prevalent. Samsung addressed this by raising the base storage capacity of the Galaxy S23 Plus and Ultra models to 256GB, while the standard variant maintained a lower capacity. To stay in line with market trends and provide competitive storage options, expanding the base storage across all models of the Galaxy S24 would be a valuable upgrade, distinguishing it from competitors like Google’s Pixel 8 series.

Extended Android Support for Galaxy S24

green android symbol against yellow backdrop

Samsung’s commendable commitment to offering four generations of Android updates has been noteworthy. However, Google’s recent announcement of seven years of software support for Pixel devices has set a new industry standard. Extending software support to match or exceed Google’s offering would enhance the longevity and value proposition of Samsung’s premium devices. As consumers anticipate significant platform improvements over an extended period, aligning with Google’s update strategy could further elevate Samsung’s flagship smartphones.

In conclusion, the success of the Galaxy S24 will depend on a combination of innovative features that set it apart from its predecessors, along with practical enhancements like extended battery life, faster charging capabilities, and AI tools that boost user productivity.

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Last modified: February 8, 2024
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