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### PM Modi Highlights AI’s Beneficial Influence on Society Despite Deepfake Worries

India News: During the G20 virtual summit, Prime Minister Modi highlighted the importance of making…

Prime Minister Modi emphasized the significance of ensuring the safety of artificial intelligence on a global scale while also advocating for its accessibility to all.

Addressing concerns during the G20 online conference, PM Modi highlighted the potential misuse of artificial intelligence, with a particular focus on the rising worries surrounding deepfake technology. He underscored the importance of international cooperation in establishing regulatory frameworks for AI to mitigate potential societal and individual risks.

PM Modi drew attention to the substantial threat posed by “deepfake videos,” stressing the imperative to acknowledge and tackle the associated risks. He referenced a specific incident involving a counterfeit video showing him dancing during Navratri celebrations, which had gained widespread circulation.

Furthermore, the Prime Minister raised awareness about the dangers of deepfake manipulation and the complexities it introduces in verifying the authenticity of digital content. He also delved into the realm of cyber laws and protective measures to combat algorithmic manipulation, including the unauthorized overlay of individuals’ faces onto different bodies in images.

In light of the escalating tensions in West Asia, PM Modi called upon G20 leaders to proactively prevent the Israel-Hamas conflict from spiraling into a broader regional crisis. He condemned violence and underscored the necessity of safeguarding civilians from harm.

Additionally, PM Modi commended the release of captives, condemning violence and advocating for peace and stability. He also reflected on India’s Presidency of the G20, where the forum was affectionately dubbed “People-20,” symbolizing the inclusive and participatory nature of the events held during that period.

In conclusion, Prime Minister Modi highlighted the common values that unite nations, fostering solidarity and cooperation in tackling global challenges amid a backdrop of increasing complexities.

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Last modified: December 4, 2023
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