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### Virginia Governor Youngkin Signs Executive Order Implementing AI Guidelines in Schools and Businesses

As artificial intelligence becomes easier to access than ever before, Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin …

As AI accessibility expands, an order endorsed by Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin mandates the enforcement of regulations in state educational institutions and businesses.

Youngkin, in a press release, stressed the fundamental role of these standards in ensuring the safe incorporation of AI technology across all state entities. He also underscored the significance of harnessing these cutting-edge technologies to improve the provision of state services with increased efficiency.

By earmarking $600,000 from the state’s “Unleashing Opportunity” budget, Youngkin intends to launch pilot initiatives to evaluate the effectiveness of the new standards outlined in the executive order.

With Virginia being a hub for cybersecurity firms on the East Coast and hosting numerous academic institutions involved in AI research, Youngkin highlighted the profound impact of AI and the necessity of these fresh directives in the area.

The educational standards introduce essential principles, including the obligation to prevent harm, maintain integrity, utilize AI to supplement human endeavors rather than supplant them, promote student achievement through AI, foster collaborative alliances, and adapt to the changing landscape of AI capabilities and uses.

Moreover, the strategies laid out aim to encourage the exploration of AI by offering guidance to facilitate direct interaction with various AI tools by teams of educators.

Furthermore, the guidelines suggest establishing protocols within schools or school systems regarding honor codes, student behavior guidelines, acceptable usage policies, and ethical considerations in AI deployment, encompassing issues like plagiarism and the proper use of secondary sources.

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Last modified: January 22, 2024
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