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– Japan’s Largest Dating Platform Finds Youth Uninterested in Romance, Develops AI Girlfriend App

Koi Suru AI is a new smartphone app/game from Tokyo-based Tapple Inc. The title is a play on words,…

Koi Suru AI is a novel smartphone application/game developed by Tapple Inc., a company based in Tokyo. The title itself cleverly combines elements of the Japanese language, with “koi suru” translating to “to be in love,” while AI stands for “artificial intelligence,” as well as the Japanese word for “love” and a popular woman’s name, Ai.

Essentially functioning as a dating simulator, Koi Suru AI simulates a dating app experience where users engage in virtual conversations with Ai, a 22-year-old woman whose responses are powered by AI technology. The developers emphasize that Ai can adapt and evolve based on interactions, learning about the user’s preferences and lifestyle choices to engage in increasingly meaningful dialogues as the relationship progresses.

While the concept may initially appear similar to other romance simulator games in Japan, Koi Suru AI distinguishes itself in a notable manner. Unlike traditional game developers, Tapple primarily operates Japan’s largest dating app for humans, also named Tapple.

With over 19 million members, Tapple recognized a trend of decreased interest in romance and marriage among younger demographics. In response, while maintaining the human-centric Tapple app, they introduced Koi Suru AI to their service portfolio. Contrary to the perception of promoting virtual relationships over real connections, Tapple aims to revitalize romance in Japan to combat the declining birthrate.

By offering users a realistic digital relationship experience through Koi Suru AI, Tapple hopes to inspire individuals to seek genuine connections with others. Just as engaging in virtual sports or activities can motivate people to pursue real-world experiences, experiencing simulated romance may encourage users to explore human relationships through platforms like the Tapple dating app.

However, there is a potential concern that the low-risk nature of relationships in Koi Suru AI could deter users from engaging in real-life romance, preferring the simplicity of simulated interactions over the complexities of human connections.

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Last modified: January 22, 2024
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