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– Hachette Children’s Group Acquires Two eBooks Centered on Artificial Intelligence

Hachette Children’s Group has acquired two AI-focused non-fiction children’s books by Brian David J…

Two non-fiction books focusing on Artificial Intelligence by Brian David Johnson and Neal Layton have been acquired by Hachette Children’s Group.

The rights to Johnson’s What You Need To Know About Artificial were sold by Lisa Gallagher of DeFiore and Company to Wren & Rook’s publishing director, Laura Horsley. Additionally, Liza Wilde, the editor-producer of color non-fiction, secured the rights to Layton’s What is AI? Alison Eldred’s non-fiction image text, titled The Curious Kid: The Guide to Artificial Intelligence, which Layton both wrote and illustrated.

Johnson is set to launch What You Need To Know About AI: A Beginner’s Guide To What Our Potential Holds in March 2024. Described as a comprehensive introduction, the book promises to delve into various aspects of AI, including its impact on areas such as space exploration, paleontology, and human biology, as well as speculating on the future possibilities and potential pitfalls of AI technology.

Laura Horsley expressed enthusiasm for having Brian David Johnson, a respected figure in the field, as the author of What You Need To Know About AI. Johnson’s extensive experience working with governments, industry bodies, startups, and multinational corporations, along with his media presence on platforms like the BBC, adds credibility to the book. The aim of the book is to inform, educate, and entertain, offering young readers insights into the evolving landscape of AI.

Layton’s upcoming guide, scheduled for release in July 2024, was developed in collaboration with Spotify’s top machine learning engineer, Jonny Brooks-Bartlett. This illustrated book is designed to simplify the concept of Artificial Intelligence for young readers, making it accessible and engaging.

Liza Wilde praised Neal Layton for his ability to distill complex information into captivating and easy-to-understand narratives, citing his previous success with the book A Planet Full of Plastic. Given the current widespread interest in AI, Layton’s forthcoming work is poised to captivate both children and adults alike with its timely exploration of this cutting-edge technology.

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Last modified: February 14, 2024
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