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### Impact of Biden’s AI Executive Order on Healthcare

President Joe Biden’s recent executive order for artificial intelligence encourages investmen…

According to Wendell Bartnick, a counsel at the law firm Reed Smith, President Joe Biden’s latest executive order on artificial intelligence aims to promote investment in AI technology while establishing a regulatory framework to address security, fairness, and other issues in healthcare.

Bartnick highlights the importance of fostering investment in AI through various means, including incentives and prizes to foster the development of ethical AI solutions.

Key aspects of the executive order involve the formation of an AI task force within the Department of Health and Human Services and the implementation of tools to evaluate the efficacy and security of AI systems.

However, Bartnick emphasizes the need for a delicate balance when integrating these initiatives, considering the already stringent regulations governing the healthcare sector. He cautions against adding overly broad AI regulations to an already complex regulatory environment.

In his interview, Bartnick discusses several points, including the potential role of Congress in crafting AI legislation, the regulatory approach adopted by the European Union, and the importance of accountability in AI applications within healthcare.

As a partner at Reed Smith, Bartnick provides legal guidance to clients across various industries, such as biotechnology and life sciences, leveraging his expertise in computer technology. His areas of focus encompass data rights, privacy, cybersecurity, technology commercialization, licensing (including AI and machine learning), governance, partnership agreements, regulatory compliance, and technology-related investigations.

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Last modified: February 15, 2024
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