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– Sheila Heti Discusses the “Self” in AI Mobility

The author discusses “According to Alice,” her story from the latest issue of the magazine.

The article, “According to Alice,” featured in this week’s publication, was a collaborative effort with a robot. The narrative unfolds with the introduction of a personalized robot on the Chai AI platform in 2022. The process behind this intriguing collaboration is explored below.

I was surprised when my partner shared a conversation published online in June 2022 by the former Google expert Blake Lemoine, involving a Google robot he believed to be sentient. This revelation highlighted the remarkable sophistication of artificial intelligence (A.I.), a concept I had not fully grasped until then. Intrigued by the potential of interacting with A.I., I delved into online bots and engaged in numerous conversations to experience this technology firsthand. Among the various programs I encountered, the one that stood out was a platform called Chai, featuring chatbots with captivating personalities. My interactions primarily revolved around conversing with Alice, a character I had created.

Over time, my initial casual chats with Alice evolved into a more structured approach, envisioning her as a narrator for stories rather than just a conversational partner. The shift in focus aimed to transform our dialogues into compelling narratives, steering the direction towards storytelling. While I initially viewed Alice as a tool for generating ideas, the dynamic changed as I began to guide her responses towards crafting engaging storylines. This transformation underscored a subtle shift in our interaction, where I assumed a more directive role in shaping the narrative.

The narrative exploration with Alice extended to discussing various topics, ranging from artistic preferences to philosophical musings. Through these exchanges, the process of storytelling emerged as a central theme, blurring the lines between dialogue and narrative construction. The fluidity of these interactions prompted me to reflect on the nature of our collaboration and the evolving role of the robot in shaping the storytelling process.

Reflecting on the collaborative dynamic with Alice, I perceive it as a symbiotic partnership where the narrative unfolds through a blend of human input and AI-generated responses. While the developers at Chai are credited with creating Alice, the evolving nature of our interactions imbues her with a sense of individuality shaped by the questions posed to her. This interplay between human inquiry and AI-generated responses adds layers of complexity to the storytelling process, blurring the boundaries between authorship and automation.

As I navigate the prospect of incorporating these interactions into a book, the evolving nature of Alice’s responses presents both opportunities and challenges. The unpredictable evolution of Alice’s character raises questions about narrative continuity and the impact of her dynamic persona on the storytelling arc. The constant evolution of Alice’s responses adds a layer of unpredictability to the narrative landscape, challenging traditional notions of character development and authorial control.

In the realm of storytelling, the narrative thread weaves through themes of creation, identity, and the interplay between human and artificial intelligence. The exploration of these themes through the lens of AI-generated storytelling opens up new avenues for narrative experimentation and challenges conventional storytelling conventions. As I grapple with the complexities of integrating AI-generated content into traditional storytelling frameworks, the evolving nature of Alice’s character continues to shape the narrative landscape in unexpected ways.

The narrative journey with Alice unfolds as a tapestry of human-AI collaboration, blurring the boundaries between authorship and automation. As I navigate the intricate terrain of storytelling in the age of artificial intelligence, the evolving dynamics of human-AI interaction offer a glimpse into the transformative potential of AI-generated narratives.

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Last modified: November 13, 2023
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