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### 16 Accessible GPT SEO AI Tools for Optimization

Here are sixteen custom GPT AI tools created by SEOs that are freely shared and publicly available …

Many members within the research community have created and disseminated tools that OpenAI recently released to paid subscribers.

Here is a compilation of some of the latest SEO-related GPT models that have been developed and shared:

The ability to construct a personalized GPT without the need for any coding skills marks a significant advancement facilitated by ChatGPT for researchers.

To access these resources, a paid OpenAI license is necessary.

Exploring the functionalities of these tools is beneficial as they serve as inspiring examples of what can be achieved with AI models tailored to specific requirements.

The content submitted to these tools remains private, with the creator being unaware of the specifics, even in the case of custom GPT models.

By clicking on the “i” data icon next to the creator’s name of a practice GPT, one can reveal the private information.

Categorization of AI Tools:

Quality of Information

Quality Meter for SEO and Content Helpfulness:
A distinctive GPT developed by international SEO expert Aleyda Solis (LinkedIn profile) evaluates and compares competitor content with one’s own, assessing alignment with Google’s standards for quality and relevance to targeted search queries.

SearchQualityGPT- EEAT Articles Research:
This tool determines the extent to which content aligns with Google’s criteria for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness, offering insights into content evaluation within the wellness niche.


Commander GA4:
Created by Scott Hendison, CEO of Search Commander (LinkedIn profile), Commander GA4 provides detailed guidance on utilizing Google Analytics tool GA4.

AI Tools for Marketing

Page-by-page SEO Meter:
This tool analyzes on-page SEO based on a provided URL and preferred keywords, emphasizing the importance of the tool creator’s expertise in determining its accuracy and usefulness.

AI for Competitive Analysis:
Users need to furnish sector-specific information, competitor websites, marketing objectives, and other relevant data for this tool to provide insights for competitive analysis.

AI Agents for Content Creation

Master Quiz:
Generates multiple-choice questions based on submitted information, potentially inspiring the development of other AI agents focused on compiling content-related queries.

Article Writer for Article GT:
Specializes in “SEO-optimized article writing,” catering to Search Engine Optimization requirements.

Content Writer- Post Professional:
Another tool focusing on SEO-optimized article creation, distinguishing itself by generating AI-generated images alongside written content.

Assistant to the Post:
A tool that aids in conducting research for articles based on specified requirements.

Matches the writing style of provided essay samples to generate content in a similar manner.

Blog Blog Writer and Website Expert:
Creates blog content efficiently.

Magician and Content Author:
Positioned as an SEO-optimized writer assistant.

Generator Viral Hooks:
Offers catchy phrases and sentences for content and social media advertising.

ChatSEO- Enhances and Documents Content:
Assists in content creation and enhancement.

Content Curation:
Generates content based on specified parameters.

SEO Tools for Webmasters

These new tools empower non-coders to create customized AI solutions akin to the DIY spirit of early music production, enabling access to AI capabilities without exorbitant costs.

The realm of SEO now embraces a new era where AI’s potential is within reach of a broader audience.

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Last modified: February 16, 2024
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