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### Ringo Starr Confronts Rumors About New Beatles Song “Now and Then” Utilizing AI to Feature John Lennon’s Vocals

“Paul and I would not have done that,” the drummer said in a new interview with AARP ma…

Ringo Starr is debunking “negative narratives” suggesting that he and Paul McCartney employed artificial intelligence to replicate John Lennon’s words in their latest Beatles track, “Now and Then.”

In a recent interview with AARP magazine, the iconic band’s musician delved into his life during and post-Beatles era, shedding light on his collaboration with McCartney to work on an unfinished song.

Although Starr, McCartney, and the late George Harrison had previously come together to release several Lennon demos in the 1990s, their efforts on “Now and Then” were halted due to difficulties in separating vocals from the music. This obstacle was overcome when they joined forces for the Disney+ project with director Peter Jackson, allowing them to dissect the song into distinct components using a novel technology rooted in machine learning, a subset of artificial intelligence.

During the creative process, while AI was utilized to extract Lennon’s lyrics from a lower-quality tape recording, McCartney, Starr, and Giles Martin contributed by crafting new guitar and drum arrangements. McCartney emphasized on BBC 4 Radio in June that the use of AI was instrumental in preserving Lennon’s essence and delivering an authentic final product.

Starr expressed disappointment at the misinterpretation surrounding the role of AI in the song’s production. He refuted claims suggesting AI was used to mimic Lennon’s voice, clarifying that their intention was to honor Lennon’s legacy genuinely.

McCartney, in an interview on Radio 4, also shared reservations about the increasing use of AI in music production, highlighting the potential for misinformation and the blurred lines between reality and technology.

The collaborative effort between Starr, McCartney, and Martin not only resulted in a beautiful piece of music but also put to rest any doubts regarding the authenticity of their creative process.

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Last modified: February 21, 2024
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