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### The Influence of Biased Media on Sentiment Analysis in Artificial Intelligence

The study highlights the significant role media plays in shaping public opinion on AI, especially i…

Researchers investigated how partisan media sentiment influences public perceptions of artificial intelligence (AI) by analyzing over 7,500 posts from liberal and conservative media outlets. The results revealed a significant contrast in attitudes towards AI.

Liberal media displayed a more pessimistic view of AI compared to conventional advertising, citing concerns about AI perpetuating societal biases, especially regarding race, gender, and income inequality. This critical perspective highlights the media’s substantial role in shaping public opinion on AI within societal discussions and policymaking.

Conducted by experts from Virginia Tech, including Angela Yi, Shreyans Goenka, and Mario Pandelaere from the Pamplin College of Business, the study sheds light on the diverse reactions to AI portrayed in partisan media. It emphasized the prevalent skepticism towards AI in liberal media, focusing on their worries about AI amplifying cultural prejudices.

The research underscores the significant impact of media sentiment on public perceptions of AI, particularly in upcoming political debates and policy formulations. The distinct disparities in media attitudes towards AI on liberal versus conservative platforms underscore how these views can influence societal perspectives and policy directions concerning AI advancements.

Utilizing the Media Bias Rating Chart from AllSides to determine the political inclinations of various media sources, the researchers adopted a comprehensive approach to collect data. By examining content from a range of outlets over a specific timeframe, they gauged and quantified the emotional stance towards AI, revealing the nuanced viewpoints present in media discourse.

This qualitative study highlights the importance of recognizing and measuring the variations in media attitudes towards AI without advocating for a definitive position. It provides valuable insights for assessing and understanding the impact of media sentiment on public conversations surrounding AI.

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Last modified: February 21, 2024
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