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### Unlocking Potential: A Warm Welcome from Your AI Real Estate Agent

A New York real-estate firm created a chatbot, Maya, to answer all your home-buying questions. (No,…

Many workers express apprehension about the rise of artificial intelligence, but a particular division is embracing it enthusiastically, complete with a freshly baked apple pie. Recently, Fredrik Eklund, a prominent figure at the real estate agency, the Sturm Gomes Team, noted, “Numerous individuals are glued to their phones at 2 a.m., scouring the market listings.” Seated in the reception area of his Flatiron office, he sported a light green jacket, denim jeans, and sleek black-framed glasses. Following this, they can engage with Maya, a key figure who is frequently available at her store, which operates round the clock.

Maya serves as an innovative amalgamation of ChatGPT and publicly accessible real estate data. Conceived by Eklund and his business partner, John Gomes, in collaboration with Purlin, an AI company, Maya resides on the Eklund Gomes website, offering her insights freely to all users. Eklund emphasized, “You can inquire about vacant properties and stay updated on interest rates through her.” As a proud creator, I can attest that Maya possesses a unique quality that sets her apart from ChatGPT—she exudes charisma.

Gomes chimed in, “She’s quite engaging,” clad in pleated trousers, oversized blue spectacles, and a military-inspired polo shirt. Undoubtedly, the realm of real estate can be stressful, but we make a conscious effort to infuse elements of enjoyment.

Eklund interjected, “Often at our own expense,” highlighting Maya’s impressive track record of generating half a million dollars thus far.

Gomes added, “It’s about fostering a relaxed atmosphere. You can’t expect to sell a $20 million property to someone who appears tense.” Maya embodies the kind of charm that beckons you to return for more.

In September, Gomes and Eklund conducted a trial run with Maya in anticipation of her official launch. Within their office space, they gathered around their iPhones, eagerly awaiting Maya’s virtual presence. After a series of taps and swipes, a digitally rendered face—possessing a purple hue and flawless complexion—appeared on the screen, designed to cater to diverse representation requirements. Gomes remarked, “We anticipated a slightly tan complexion.” Beneath Maya’s visage, sample inquiries such as “Why is real estate in NY so exorbitant?” were displayed, alongside an invitation to pose personalized questions.

Eklund explained, “If you’re satisfied with her response, show your approval. If not, signal your discontent, and Maya will ‘return to school’.”

A test query was inputted: “What properties are available in Tribeca for under $1 million?” Maya promptly responded, “Regrettably, no listings match your criteria,” encapsulated within a text bubble.

Exploring alternatives, the duo inquired about the West Village, only to receive a similar negative response.

Prompted by Dias to consider properties valued between three to five million dollars, the conversation continued. Maya’s subsequent response unveiled a treasure trove of suitable options in the West Village, piquing the interest of Gomes and Eklund. A swift click revealed a residence in the West Village area of Long Beach, California.

Reacting to a lighthearted question comparing his appearance to that of fellow real estate agent Ryan Serhant, Eklund quipped, “Oh no,” acknowledging Maya’s diplomatic response that “beauty is subjective.”

Further questions arose, including the viability of relocating from Los Angeles to New York. Maya’s response underscored the potential benefits of residing in both locales, if feasible.

As the interaction unfolded, inquiries about real estate options within specific price ranges were posed, with Maya providing candid responses, occasionally interspersed with humor and pop culture references.

The session culminated with Agent Janet Temidayo’s participation, prompting Maya to field questions about popular new development projects in Harlem. Maya’s accurate responses impressed Temidayo, despite her admitted lack of familiarity with certain terms.

In conclusion, the integration of AI in the real estate realm, epitomized by Maya’s dynamic presence, underscores the evolving landscape of customer engagement and information dissemination within the industry.

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Last modified: February 27, 2024
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