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### Michigan Capitol’s ZeroEyes: The Artificial Sentinel Bolstering GV Wire

In Michigan, a new sentinel stands guard. This sentinel, however, is not a person, but a sophistica…

A new security measure has been implemented in Michigan with the introduction of ZeroEyes, an advanced artificial intelligence system, as a guard on duty at the Michigan Capitol grounds. Unlike human guards, ZeroEyes, a passive observer, operates tirelessly without the need for breaks. Its primary function is to continuously monitor surveillance footage for any signs of weapons. According to Sam Alaimo, one of the founders of ZeroEyes, the AI is designed to detect weapons and alert the monitoring center immediately if any suspicious activity is identified.

In response to past incidents where individuals openly carried firearms into the legislative chambers of the Capitol, the Michigan Capitol Commission unanimously banned open carry within the premises in 2021. Despite this prohibition, concerns about security persist, prompting the integration of ZeroEyes to enhance safety measures.

ZeroEyes operates with impartiality, focusing solely on the presence of weapons regardless of the individuals involved. Alaimo emphasizes the system’s objectivity by stating that even if a non-threatening entity like a golden retriever were to carry a weapon, ZeroEyes would flag it for further investigation.

This technological advancement raises important questions about finding a balance between ensuring safety and upholding individual freedoms. It prompts a critical examination of how technology influences this delicate equilibrium. For further details, please refer to the coverage on CBS News.

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Last modified: February 27, 2024
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