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### Developing AI in Native Languages: Ola Founder Bhavish Aggarwal’s Vision

Ola Founder, Bhavish Aggarwal, champions the need for India to cultivate AI in native languages for…

Bhavish Aggarwal, the creator of Ola, and the renowned spiritual guru Sadhguru engaged in a thought-provoking dialogue regarding the future of the Electric Vehicle (EV) sector within the automotive industry and the trajectory of Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the INSIGHT 2023 conference, generously sponsored by the Sadhguru Academy.

The conference illuminated the strides taken in individual innovation, unveiling unprecedented comforts and conveniences through the exploration of cutting-edge technologies. Sadhguru underscored the significance of human evolution amidst the rapid expansion of artificial intelligence and cautioned that while it presents boundless possibilities, individuals must grasp “how to be” in a landscape where reliance on machines may challenge our intrinsic nature. Expressing prevalent concerns about the potential displacement of jobs by AI, he highlighted the imminent challenge for individuals in the coming 15 to 25 years to safeguard their mental well-being amidst continuous technological advancements.

The forthcoming 25 to 50 years are anticipated to pose a substantial challenge in maintaining physical health, as referenced by Sadhguru. He drew attention to the concerning deterioration of global health due to the depletion of micronutrients in plants crucial for human vitality, stating, “Health preservation is no longer an organic process as its fundamental components are diminishing.”

Aggarwal championed the expanding entrepreneurial prospects within the burgeoning EV sector and envisioned India at the forefront of transforming the delivery of goods and services through AI-infused innovations. Highlighting Ola’s milestones, including the ambitious Gigafactory initiative in Tamil Nadu dedicated to manufacturing lithium batteries capable of powering commercial aircraft.

Emphasizing the pivotal role of AI in societal integration and everyday functionality to address the pressing need for an India-centric AI framework, Aggarwal stressed the limitations imposed by the scarcity of Indian data, particularly in regional languages.

“AI is poised to wield significant influence on social cohesion for various reasons, underscoring the imperative for India’s ecosystem, economy, and entrepreneurs like us to establish an indigenous AI paradigm.” Given the absence of our diverse Indian languages in the digital realm, current AI algorithms predominantly rely on non-Indian datasets. To elevate AI’s accessibility for the common populace, it is imperative to amass comprehensive datasets encompassing all Indian languages, rather than solely relying on American data,” he articulated.

“In the realm of technology, even experts cannot accurately predict the pace at which artificial general intelligence will progress. It is my fervent hope that the realization of the value of ‘Being’ and how to embody it, which is poised to become paramount globally, accelerates beyond the current rate,” Sadhguru reflected on the evolving landscape.

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