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### Exciting Reveals from Nvidia, Sony, Snake’s Bag AI, and More at CES 2024

CES 2024 has begun in Las Vegas, and we’re keeping track of the biggest reveals from press da…

CES 2024 has arrived in Las Vegas, and the TechCrunch team is on the scene to cover all the latest developments and insights for you. As the week unfolds, stay tuned for updates on products, announcements, and startup news that are essential for you.

The first day kicked off with major announcements from industry giants like Nvidia, LG, Sony, and Samsung. While the live streams have concluded, you can catch up on their archives here. With the event ongoing and the show floor bustling, here’s how you can keep up with our team’s coverage.

Alternatively, for direct access to each day’s highlights, you can use the following links:

Wednesday, January 10

The Coolest Innovations at CES 2024 (So Far)

Image credits: LG

CES always brings a mix of quirky and innovative gadgets from unexpected sources. Explore a selection of standout products and services, ranging from high-priced binoculars with birdwatching AI to voice-absorbing muzzles, pay-as-you-go bathroom access, and a router designed to match your style.

Cutting-Edge Tech: $2,000 Earbuds, Silent Speech, and AI-Powered Wearable Jewelry

Image credits: Haje Maps / TechCrunch

Amid the unconventional offerings at CES, some hidden gems shine through. Discover Breggz’s premium $2,000 earbuds catering to audio enthusiasts, Augmental’s accessible interfaces for voiceless communication, and Nowatch’s AI-driven fitness tracker promoting holistic well-being.

Tuesday, January 9

Hyundai Unveils eVTOL Air Taxi Concept

Image Credits: Kirsten Korosec

Hyundai’s electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, the S-A2, showcased at CES, is inching closer to its 2028 passenger shuttle launch. Delve into the details of this futuristic mode of transportation and the challenges of aerial mobility expansion.

Innovative Delivery Robot Navigates Stairs Effortlessly

Image Credits: Devin Coldewey / TechCrunch

Mobinn, a Hyundai spinoff, demonstrates its versatile delivery robot at CES, showcasing its ability to handle stairs and elevation changes with ease. Learn more about this cutting-edge robotic solution for efficient deliveries.

Walmart’s AI-Powered Innovations and Drone Technology

Image Credits: Walmart

Walmart’s CEO, Doug McMillon, introduces new technologies aimed at enhancing the shopping experience, including augmented reality, drones, and generative artificial intelligence tools. Explore the latest advancements in product search, AR social commerce, and AI-driven customer support.

Enhancing Accessibility: OneCourt’s Innovative Sports Experience for the Visually Impaired

Image Credits: Devin Coldewey / TechCrunch

OneCourt, a startup founded by University of Washington graduates, unveils a groundbreaking solution for the visually impaired to “see” sports events in real time. Through a tactile miniature field and haptic feedback, users can experience the game’s dynamics. Discover the technology behind this inclusive sports experience.

Rabbit R1: Revolutionizing Virtual Assistance with Natural Language Commands

Image Credits: rabbit

Rabbit introduces the r1, a $200 virtual assistant designed to streamline everyday tasks using natural language commands. Explore how this device simplifies activities like ordering transportation, finding dining options, and planning getaways with ease.

Electric Vehicle Innovations: Honda, VinFast, and Google Maps

Image Credits: Honda

Honda unveils its sleek 0 series electric vehicles, featuring a slim design and promising specifications. Meanwhile, Vietnamese startup VinFast enters the electric pickup truck market with the VF Wild concept. Additionally, Google Maps introduces real-time battery monitoring for electric vehicle users. Explore the latest in EV technology and mobility solutions.

Collaborative Sharing Solutions: Google and Samsung Join Forces

Image Credits: Google

Google and Samsung unite their sharing platforms under the Quick Share umbrella, expanding peer-to-peer content sharing across Android devices. This integration enhances user experience and connectivity within the Android ecosystem. Discover the seamless content sharing experience offered by Quick Share.

Innovative Health Monitoring Gadgets: Serenity, Vivoo, and Tack One

Image Credits: Haje Kamps / TechCrunch

Explore cutting-edge health monitoring devices showcased at CES, including Serenity’s fall-detection system, Vivoo’s UTI test kit, and Tack One’s AI-powered GPS tracker. These innovations aim to revolutionize personal health management from the comfort of your home.

Unveiling Skyted’s Voice-Capturing Mask Technology

Image Credits: Haje Kamps

Skyted introduces a voice-capturing mask designed to enhance privacy in public settings. This innovative technology defines your “sound bubble” and ensures private conversations remain confidential. Learn more about Skyted’s groundbreaking approach to audio privacy.

Advancements in AI: Amazon’s New Features and Experiences

Image Credits: Character.AI

Amazon unveils support for Matter Casting on its smart displays and TVs, enhancing the smart home experience. Additionally, Amazon introduces new generative AI-powered experiences, including AI chatbots and music platforms. Explore the latest AI innovations integrated into Amazon’s ecosystem.

ElliQ 3: Redefining Elder Care with Enhanced AI Integration

Image Credits: Intuition Robotics

Intuition Robotics introduces ElliQ 3, the latest iteration of its eldercare robot, featuring advanced hardware and generative AI capabilities. Discover how ElliQ is transforming assisted living through innovative technology and personalized care solutions.

Kodiak Robotics’ Autonomous Trucking Solutions

Image Credits: Kodiak

Kodiak Robotics unveils its autonomous semi-truck, equipped with redundant safety features for commercial driverless operations. Explore the mechanical components and safety systems integrated into Kodiak’s innovative trucking solution.

Fox and Polygon Labs’ Collaboration Against Deepfakes

Fox partners with Polygon Labs to launch Verify, an open-source protocol to safeguard media content and combat deepfakes. Discover how this protocol empowers media outlets to protect intellectual property and ensure content authenticity.

Ultrahuman’s Home Health Tracker: Revolutionizing Home Wellness Monitoring

Image Credits: Ultrahuman

Ultrahuman introduces the Ultrahuman Home, a connected device designed to monitor home health and well-being. With features tailored for household health management, this innovative tracker offers comprehensive insights into home wellness. Explore the capabilities of Ultrahuman’s cutting-edge home health solution.

Monday, January 8

Pivotal’s Lightweight Electric Aircraft Revolutionizes Personal Aviation

Image Credits: Pivotal

Pivotal launches the Helix, a lightweight electric aircraft available for U.S. sales. This innovative aircraft offers a convenient and accessible flying experience without the need for a pilot’s license. Explore the features and pricing of Pivotal’s groundbreaking electric aircraft.

Sound Drive: Will.i.am’s Immersive Music Experience for Drivers

Image Credits: Mercedes-Benz

Experience Sound Drive, a music innovation by will.i.am that transforms the driving experience into a symphony of sound. Discover how this immersive technology redefines in-car entertainment and connectivity for modern drivers.

Sony’s Creative Partnerships and Sustainability Initiatives

Sony highlights its collaborations with creators and mobility partners, emphasizing its commitment to sustainability. Explore Sony’s innovative projects, including partnerships with Honda and initiatives for a more sustainable future.

Kia’s Modular EV Vans: A New Approach to Electric Commercial Vehicles

Image Credits: Kia

Kia unveils its modular EV vans featuring customizable powertrains and cabin options. Discover how Kia’s innovative approach to electric vehicles offers flexibility and efficiency for commercial applications.

Samsung’s Tech Innovations: Ballie Returns and Sustainable Initiatives

Image Credits: Samsung

Samsung reintroduces Ballie, its home robot, with enhanced features and capabilities. Additionally, Samsung showcases its sustainability initiatives, incorporating recycled materials into its products and promoting eco-friendly practices. Explore Samsung’s latest advancements in smart home technology and sustainability efforts.

X1 Interpreter Hub: Revolutionizing Real-Time Translation

Image Credits: Timekettle

Timekettle introduces the X1 Interpreter Hub, a cutting-edge solution for multi-language simultaneous interpretation. Discover how this innovative system simplifies real-time translation for meetings and group conversations.

LG’s Transparent OLED TV: Redefining Television Design

Image Credits: LG

LG unveils the Signature OLED T, the world’s first wireless transparent OLED TV. This revolutionary television combines transparent display technology with wireless connectivity, offering a unique viewing experience. Explore LG’s innovative approach to television design and functionality.

Neoplants’ Bio-Engineered Air-Purifying Houseplants

Image Credits: Haje Kamps / TechCrunch

Neoplants showcases its bio-engineered houseplants designed to purify indoor air. Discover how these innovative plants can enhance air quality and reduce pollutants in residential environments.

Samsung’s Cutting-Edge Display Technologies

Image Credits: Samsung

Samsung unveils a new generation of foldable and rollable display products, along with a transparent MICRO LED display. Explore Samsung’s advancements in display technology, offering versatile solutions for various applications.

Nvidia’s Gaming Innovations and AI Integration

Image Credits: Nvidia

Nvidia introduces the GeForce RTX 40 Super series of desktop graphics cards, catering to gaming enthusiasts. Discover the AI-powered features and gaming enhancements offered by Nvidia’s latest graphics card lineup. Explore the innovative applications of AI technology in gaming experiences.

AMD’s AI-Centric Ryzen 8000G Processors

AMD debuts the Ryzen 8000G processors for desktops, focusing on their AI capabilities and performance enhancements. Explore how AMD’s latest processors redefine desktop computing with advanced AI integration.

Bosch’s Eye-Tracking Technologies for Enhanced Driving Experience

Image Credits: Bosch

Bosch unveils innovative eye-tracking solutions for driving safety and convenience. From fatigue detection to personalized in-car experiences, Bosch’s eye-tracking technologies enhance driver awareness and comfort. Explore the future of driving with Bosch’s cutting-edge innovations.

Smart Kitchen Appliances: Revolutionizing Home Cooking

Image Credits: Haje Kamps / TechCrunch

Discover a range of smart kitchen appliances showcased at CES, from grills to microwaves, designed to simplify cooking tasks and enhance culinary experiences at home. Explore how these innovative appliances are reshaping the future of home cooking.

Volkswagen’s AI-Powered Chatbot Integration

Image Credits: Volkswagen

Volkswagen integrates an AI-powered chatbot into its vehicle models equipped with the IDA voice assistant. Explore how this innovative chatbot enhances user interaction and convenience within Volkswagen vehicles.

Apple Vision Pro: Spatial Computing Device Launch

Image Credits: Apple

Apple announces the upcoming launch of the Vision Pro, a spatial computing device available in the U.S. starting February 2. Discover the features and capabilities of Apple’s Vision Pro, offering immersive spatial computing experiences for users.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights from CES 2024 as the event unfolds.

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