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**Initiation of Australia’s Inaugural Artificial Intelligence Month to Promote Ethical AI Advancements**

Australia’s inaugural Artificial Intelligence (AI) Month launches today, calling on Australia…

Today marks the commencement of the inaugural Artificial Intelligence (AI) Month in Australia, aimed at encouraging individuals to actively participate in shaping the future of AI development.

Australia’s first AI Month, organized by the National AI Centre (NAIC) under CSIRO, the national science agency, will feature more than 50 AI-related events hosted by over 40 organizations nationwide from November 15 to December 15. The image credit goes to CSIRO.

The initiative will bring together leading AI entities, entrepreneurs, and researchers to showcase Australia’s local expertise and provide a platform to exchange global perspectives on AI.

Stela Solar, the director of the National AI Centre, emphasized the significance of AI Month in aligning with NAIC’s objective of establishing a fair and reliable AI landscape for Australia. Solar stated, “Australia must seize the opportunities presented by AI to enhance its global competitiveness amidst the rapid advancements in this field.”

“To actualize the potential of AI, active participation in crucial discussions throughout this month is vital. Together, we can foster an inclusive and responsible AI future for Australia,” she added.

The series of events, including sessions, panel discussions, workshops, and more, will underscore the robustness of Australia’s AI sector.

Director Stela Solar encourages individuals to leverage AI Month as an opportunity for learning, skill development, and exploration of the AI landscape.

The month kicked off with the introduction of the new show “Friend or Foe: The Rise of Artificial Intelligence” by American tech expert and actor Luke Millanta at Questacon, with the Hon. Ed Husic, Australia’s Minister for Industry and Science, officiating the ceremony.

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Last modified: February 23, 2024
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