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### Study Reveals Over Half of Technical Professionals Find AI Overhyped

Some tech workers don’t trust AI tools like ChatGPT to produce accurate outputs just yet.

According to a statement from Retool in 2023, more than half of technical workers believe that AI is overrated. Some individuals argue that AI platforms like ChatGPT are not yet sufficiently reliable and mature to be fully trusted. Despite this skepticism, those who doubt AI still acknowledge the potential benefits it could bring to their careers in the future.

A recent study revealed that certain tech workers remain unconvinced that artificial intelligence, exemplified by OpenAI’s ChatGPT, will revolutionize business operations. Retool, a technology company, conducted a survey in November among over 1,500 digital employees, including software engineers, product managers, designers, and business executives, to gauge their perspectives on the current state of AI.

The survey indicated that 51 percent of the technology workers polled expressed skepticism towards AI, with 6% of respondents considering AI to be overhyped. David Hsu, CEO and founder of Retool, suggested that this skepticism may stem from a lack of concrete evidence showcasing AI’s significant impact on businesses in terms of performance enhancement or job quality.

Hsu noted in an email to Insider that many individuals have yet to identify practical business applications or the transformative “killer” AI solution. He highlighted the challenges of ensuring accuracy and reliability in AI applications, such as ChatGPT, which can hinder widespread adoption among workers.

Despite varying attitudes towards AI, particularly between non-managerial staff and middle management like the C-suite, business leaders are increasingly recognizing AI’s potential to drive cost savings, enhance competitiveness, and boost revenue.

While only a small percentage of technology personnel remain skeptical of AI, some believe their organizations are overly investing in the technology. Hsu emphasized that workers are eager to leverage AI’s benefits but prefer to do so once the technology matures further.

Although there are skeptics, Hsu believes that as AI continues to evolve and demonstrate real-world use cases, attitudes towards its potential will likely shift. Tech industry workers already utilize AI tools like ChatGPT for tasks such as password generation, data analysis, and bug fixing, reflecting the practical implications highlighted in Retool’s findings.

While some remain cautious about AI’s impact, certain business leaders foresee its disruptive potential in reshaping industries and workflows. American businessman and investor Charlie Munger cautioned against the exaggerated hype surrounding artificial intelligence, emphasizing the technology’s limitations in areas like medical treatment.

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Last modified: February 16, 2024
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