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### Unveiling Humane’s $699 AI Pin with OpenAI Integration: All You Need to Know

Humane is trying to invent a new way to use your mobile devices.

Humane has been teasing its second unit, the AI Pin, for a considerable amount of time. Although the official launch of the Pin is set for Thursday, The Verge has managed to obtain documentation that reveals detailed information about the system ahead of its release. According to the documents, Humane, the company known for envisioning a post-smartphone era, is gearing up to introduce a \(699 smart device devoid of a traditional screen. This innovative device will come with a \)24 monthly subscription fee and will operate on a Humane-branded version of T-Mobile’s network, offering access to AI models from Microsoft and OpenAI.

The AI Pin itself is a circular gadget that securely attaches to your clothing or other surfaces. Beyond its primary function, the Pin also doubles as a power pack, allowing users to swap in fresh batteries throughout the day to keep it running smoothly. While the exact battery life remains undisclosed, each device comes with two “battery boosters.” Powered by a Qualcomm Android processor, the Pin utilizes a combination of camera, level, and motion sensors to observe and relay information about its surroundings. It features integrated “personic speech” technology by Humane and supports connectivity to Bluetooth headsets.

In the absence of a conventional camera, Humane has introduced novel methods of interaction with the Pin. Primarily designed for tone-based communication, the device also incorporates a unique laser projector for displaying information on your hand. Users can engage with the Pin by presenting objects to the camera and using gestures, as there is a touchscreen interface located on the device. Notably, the Pin does not continuously record or listen for wake words, requiring manual activation. A “Trust Light” indicator illuminates when the device is in recording mode.

Documentation indicates that Humane intends for the Pin to function as a standalone system rather than a mere accessory to a smartphone. The Pin, charger, and two battery boosters can be purchased for \(699. However, a Humane Subscription priced at \)24 per month provides access to phone services and cellular data on T-Mobile’s network, cloud storage for media files, and the ability to pose unlimited queries to AI models, although the specific models are unspecified.

Despite attempts to reach out for comment, Humane has not responded to inquiries.

The Pin operates on the Cosmos operating system and is designed to seamlessly access various AI services and tools as needed, resembling the plugin framework of ChatGPT. Reports suggest that the Pin will be powered by GPT-4.

Noteworthy features of the Pin include an email reader that can vocalize messages, health information services, language translation capabilities, and integration with Tidal for AI-driven music selection. Additionally, it offers AI-centric photography functionalities, although the specifics remain unclear.

Humane aims for the Pin to be self-sufficient and easy to wear, with the provision of a tool named HumanE for managing the device. Users are advised to set up and customize their Pin using this tool before wearing it to access and organize the data collected. The method of accessing this data, whether through a mobile app or website, is yet to be clarified.

Tomorrow, Humane is expected to officially unveil the device, potentially shedding light on its release date, features, and the viability of screenless smartphones.

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Last modified: February 6, 2024
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