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### Predicted Transformation: 44% of Companies Foresee AI Revolutionizing Workforce in the Coming Year

Customer support is the top use for AI

In 2024, as per the insights from four out of ten businesses, there is a likelihood of some individuals being substituted by synthetic knowledge.

A recent survey by ResumeBuilder.com unveiled that 37% of businesses utilizing AI have already terminated employees this year as their roles became redundant.

A nationwide survey involving 750 company leaders across diverse sectors highlighted that customer support stands out as the primary application for companies currently leveraging AI or planning to integrate it in the coming year.

The prominence of AI in customer service is escalating due to the cost-effectiveness compared to hiring full-time staff. Julia Toothacre, a job strategist at ResumeBuilder, emphasized the efficiency and cost benefits of AI in customer service, while acknowledging the potential drawbacks from a workforce perspective.

Businesses gearing up to implement AI in 2024 are primarily focused on tasks such as conducting studies and generating document summaries, as per the findings of the ResumeBuilder study.

Toothacre expressed optimism about the role of AI in enhancing efficiency but also underscored the irreplaceable human touch in certain aspects of work.

Despite concerns about AI-induced job displacements, companies planning to recruit in 2024 view AI skills as advantageous for candidates. Existing employees are more likely to retain their roles if equipped with AI proficiency, based on insights from a survey of five businesses.

To adapt to the evolving landscape shaped by AI, Toothacre advised employees to upskill and stay abreast of AI advancements in their respective fields to remain competitive and valuable.

For individuals apprehensive about AI encroaching on their roles, Toothacre recommended exploring AI tools relevant to their job responsibilities to understand the technology’s capabilities and potential impact on their positions. This proactive approach can not only enhance one’s effectiveness but also provide insights into areas where AI could potentially replace human roles.

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Last modified: December 26, 2023
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