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### Report: OpenAI Recruiters Offering $10 Million Packages to Attract Google AI Staff

OpenAI has already won over top talent from Google and Meta to work for the AI firm.

According to The Knowledge, the AI firm is making efforts to attract some of Google’s top researchers by offering hefty salaries in the millions, along with advanced tech resources like AI pedal chips for experimentation.

As reported by Bloomberg recently, OpenAI is exploring the possibility of an $86 billion employee stock sale.

Following the latest stock offering, recruiters at OpenAI could receive compensation packages ranging from \(5 million to \)10 million if they successfully recruit top AI scientists from Google, as per The Information.

TechCrunch revealed that in April, the company finalized a stock price that pegged its valuation between \(27 billion and \)29 billion.

The company responsible for ChatGPT has enlisted talent from Google and Meta to contribute to its AI initiatives. In the acknowledgements section of OpenAI’s post introducing ChatGPT last November, five former Google experts were recognized.

OpenAI has onboarded at least 93 ex-employees from Google and Meta. Reports from LeadGenius and Punks & Pinstripes indicate that as of February, the company had around 59 former Google staff and 34 former Meta employees on its team.

A job listing reveals that a research engineer role within OpenAI’s superalignment team offers an annual salary range of \(245,000 to \)450,000, inclusive of “generous equity” and additional perks.

Under the leadership of Jan Leike, the company’s head of superalignment, OpenAI is recruiting study engineers, scientists, and managers to ensure alignment of its AI systems with individual interests.

Leike emphasized in an episode of “The 80,000 Time Podcast” that OpenAI is seeking qualified candidates who are enthusiastic about enhancing AI safety, possess critical thinking skills, understand machine learning principles, and have proficient coding abilities.

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Last modified: February 16, 2024
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