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### Preliminary Agreement Reached Between ZeniMax and AI Coalition

As ZeniMax Workers United and the Communication Workers of America continue to negotiate their firs…

The latest update from the Communication Workers of America and ZeniMax Workers United reveals that they have reached a preliminary agreement with the company regarding the integration of artificial intelligence within its operations. These discussions are ongoing as they work towards finalizing their initial contract with ZeniMax, a subsidiary of Microsoft known as Zenium.

As per the union’s statement, the agreement focuses on leveraging AI to enhance human innovation and capabilities, ensuring that its implementation boosts employee productivity, advancement, and satisfaction while safeguarding against any adverse impact on workers.

Outlined in the agreement are specific provisions requiring ZeniMax to provide advance notice to the union and engage in dialogue whenever AI initiatives may impact union members’ roles. Additionally, the agreement sets forth six fundamental principles for AI utilization in the workplace, emphasizing fairness, reliability, data security, inclusivity, transparency, and accountability.

Dylan Burton, a prominent Quality Assurance tester and member of ZeniMax Workers United-CWA, expressed optimism about the agreement’s potential to safeguard employees amidst the evolving landscape of AI integration, highlighting the importance of protecting workers during this transition.

Furthermore, the agreement underscores the significance of empowering employees to shape the influence of AI on their work and holding businesses accountable for the outcomes of AI deployment.

In a separate development, in January, the CWA and ZeniMax, in partnership with Microsoft, entered into a labor neutrality agreement following the government’s endorsement of the Activision Blizzard acquisition. This agreement signifies a collaborative effort to uphold fair labor practices amidst industry transformations scrutinized by global consumer protection and regulatory bodies.

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Last modified: February 4, 2024
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