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**Govee’s AI Robot Controls Your Vibrant Lighting**

Govee is adding Matter compatibility to its newest lighting products, and a new chatbot will appare…

Govee recently introduced several innovative products at Les 2024, including the Neon Rope Light 2, an upgraded AI Sync Box Kit, and an AI Lighting Bot. The AI Lighting Bot, set to be integrated into Govee’s smartphone app, will enable users to generate lighting designs using natural language inputs similar to ChatGPT. While not available for testing at CES Unveiled, the media preview event preceding the conference by two weeks, this feature holds great promise.

The AI Lighting Bot allows users to create custom lighting designs for various Govee lights, such as spots and strips. In a demonstration video by Govee, a user requested a lighting effect inspired by the “Barbie Dreamhouse,” resulting in a dynamic display of warm, powder, and green hues.

The second-generation Neon Rope Light 2 boasts enhanced flexibility, facilitating easier customization around furniture and corners. With improved bend clips and lighting transitions, users can expect more seamless and versatile lighting arrangements.

Moreover, the Neon Rope Light 2 offers the convenience of adjusting light effects using a laptop camera and facial recognition technology through Govee’s app. Scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2024, this product will also be compatible with Matter, enhancing its connectivity and usability.

The AI Sync Box Kit 2 is another notable release, supporting resolutions up to 8K and delivering 4K video output at 120Hz with synchronized light effects based on user preferences. Featuring CogniGlow AI recognition technology, this kit automatically triggers personalized lighting effects tailored to specific activities, such as a blue “bloom” effect when a character heals in games like Apex Legends. Users can further customize these AI effects for a more tailored experience. Additionally, an upcoming update will introduce Matter compatibility to enhance the overall user experience.

Stay tuned for live coverage from Les 2024 in Las Vegas from January 6 to 12 for the latest updates and insights from the event.

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Last modified: January 8, 2024
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