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### Convenient Self-Testing Options at AI-Equipped Doctor’s Offices and Gyms

AI doctor pods are on the horizon. Forward says its AI-powered CarePods can detect diseases and eve…

AI-driven medical facilities may soon be coming to a retail location near you, offering the ability to conduct health assessments without the presence of traditional healthcare professionals.

Forward, a health-tech company, recently introduced CarePods, autonomous medical offices developed by experts from Harvard and John Hopkins. These pods are designed to function as proficient physicians capable of addressing a wide range of medical requirements.

The primary objective is to increase access to essential healthcare services. Forward plans to deploy these CarePods in various establishments across major cities like San Francisco, New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia starting in 2024. These self-service facilities do not require appointments, with membership starting at $99 per month.

Patients can enter these sleek, rectangular structures and access a variety of healthcare services by selecting from a range of health applications displayed on the screen.

Services offered include biometric assessments, weight management, diabetes screenings, as well as evaluations for heart, thyroid, kidney, and liver health. Advanced AI algorithms are also utilized for mental health assessments and diagnostic tests for conditions such as HIV and COVID-19.

Individuals can opt for different health programs within the CarePods to receive the necessary medical attention. Patients are guided on utilizing advanced AI features to access these services seamlessly.

Adrian Aoun, the CEO of Forward, explained to Axios the process involved in using the CarePods, such as the detailed body scans and heart health assessments conducted by the AI-powered devices.

Furthermore, the CarePods offer innovative solutions for blood draws, catering to individuals with needle phobias. Aoun described a non-invasive “blood body draw” method that gently draws blood over a few days without the use of needles.

While AI technology plays a significant role in the CarePods, human medical professionals remain involved in the process. Off-site doctors review the patients’ results remotely through Forward’s mobile app and are available for consultations during the CarePod sessions.

Forward plans to expand the capabilities of the CarePods to include prenatal care, advanced cancer screenings, and genetic analysis for identifying hereditary conditions.

The company recently secured $100 million in funding, reflecting the growing influence of AI in the healthcare sector. However, concerns persist regarding the accuracy and reliability of AI systems, as evidenced by past failures in the medical industry.

Despite the advancements in AI technology, ongoing research highlights potential inaccuracies in AI-generated medical recommendations, emphasizing the importance of human oversight in healthcare delivery.

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Last modified: February 6, 2024
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