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– Wizards Of The Coast Stands Firm Against AI, Counters Allegations on Latest Magic The Gathering Promo

The image is promoting new cards for Magic: The Gathering.

Magicians of the Coast once again faced allegations of utilizing AI-generated visuals, this time in the context of Magic: The Gathering accounts rather than Dungeons and Dragons publications.

The tweet from the official Magic: The Gathering account on January 4 praised the exquisite appearance of vintage-themed lands, sparking discussions about potential AI involvement in the creative process. Despite assurances from Magic: The Gathering that the designs were human-made, skepticism lingered among some observers.

Following the initial image release, concerns arose regarding the possibility of AI manipulation in the artwork, prompting Magic: The Gathering to address the issue directly. They emphasized that the distinctiveness of the design, compared to traditional art styles, might have led to misconceptions but reiterated that human craftsmanship was the sole contributor to the creation.

In response to past controversies involving AI application in products like Bigby Presents: Brilliance of the Giants, Wizards of the Coast made a public commitment to refraining from incorporating AI technology in their creative processes. This decision aimed to restore trust among their audience and reinforce the importance of human artistic input in their projects.

Despite unwarranted accusations of AI usage in subsequent publications, Wizards of the Coast remained steadfast in their stance against employing AI-generated content. By reaffirming their commitment to human-driven creativity in Magic products, the company sought to emphasize the value of artists, writers, and creatives in shaping the Magic TCG experience.

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Last modified: January 12, 2024
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