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### Intel Unveils Arrow Lake and Lunar Lake for 2024 with Triple Device and AI Motion Enhancement

Intel’s next-gen products are moving along.

In Las Vegas, Intel hosted the initial of its two Les 2024 presentations and announced that the Arrow Lake chips for desktop computers and Lunar Lake for notebook computers are set to be released in the latter half of the year. Michelle Johnston Holthaus, EVP and GM of Intel, stated that the company is currently in the final stages of development for these two new chips.

Intel plans to introduce the Intel Core Ultra architectures with Arrow Lake, targeting high-performance gaming PCs. This will mark the debut of a gaming processor for computers equipped with AI capabilities. However, AMD, which recently launched its Zen chips featuring AI momentum capabilities, may challenge Intel’s claim. Intel’s decision to transform its general Meteor Lake design for laptops into a potentially socketed form factor mirrors AMD’s strategy of repurposing laptop APUs for desktop PCs.

Furthermore, Holthaus disclosed that laptops featuring the Lunar Lake chips will be available this year. Lunar Lake boasts innovative low-power architectures and significant Protocol enhancements, surpassing Meteor Lake in AI efficiency on both the GPU and the NPU. Intel’s partners are already receiving these cutting-edge chips.

“We are pleased to announce that we have commenced shipping systems to our partners. The feedback on this product has been exceptional. It is up and running smoothly, experiencing significant success,” stated Holthaus. Lunar Lake is poised to deliver advanced AI capabilities for lightweight and slim PCs.

During the presentation, Holthaus showcased the Lunar Lake device, featuring two accompanying structures resembling on-pack DRAM, along with a substantial chip that may consist of multiple tiles or chiplets. The Lunar Lake computer visibly displays three stones.

Just before the unveiling, Intel briefly displayed a chip in the picture, similar to the Lunar Lake design revealed, believed to be an undisclosed revision of Meteor Lake with on-pack LPDDR5X. Such a design with on-pack memory provides advantages in terms of efficiency, power consumption, and space savings for computer configurations.

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Last modified: January 9, 2024
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