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**Build Your Own AI-Powered Perseverance Mars Rover with this DIY Kit**

This NASA-inspired Kickstarter project has already surpassed its goals.

A new robotics kit tailored for DIY enthusiasts is on the horizon, with a unique twist—it’s a colossal mechanical replica of NASA’s Mars Perseverance rover, complete with a manipulable arm, WiFi capability, remote control functionality, and a host of other features.

Geek Club and CircuitMess have joined forces with NASA’s blessing to introduce the DIY Perseverance Mars rover system, designed to captivate both budding and seasoned mechanics alike. Launched on Kickstarter on October 31, the project has already garnered over \(420,000 in funding, surpassing its initial \)20,000 target with ease.

This educational kit provides all the essentials for constructing your personalized Mars rover, predominantly crafted from pre-fabricated circuit boards sourced from popular open-source electronics such as Raspberry Pi or Arduino. The innovative Perseverance Rover serves as a crash course in programming, technology, and engineering consolidated into a single package, appealing to avid DIY enthusiasts.

Equipped to be programmed in various languages like CircuitBlocks, Python, and C++, the rover showcases its onboard AI for autonomous navigation. It features a motorized specimen collection arm, an AI-integrated camera, and a robust dual-core processor with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Beyond the rover itself, backers of this project stand to gain access to a range of impressive DIY kits, including the Artemis Watch, inspired by the future Hermes 3 spacesuit, a solar-powered iteration of the Juno space probe, a user-friendly Voyager spacecraft, and a scaled model of the Discovery space shuttle. The kit also includes essential assembly tools like a soldering iron, wires, and safety goggles.

Affectionately referred to as “Percy” by enthusiasts, the Perseverance rover has garnered substantial popularity, evident in the project’s early triumph, highlighting the widespread interest in STEM education intertwined with space exploration. The deadline to support this celestial endeavor is December 5, emphasizing the urgency of taking action.

Potential donors are encouraged to explore the campaign’s dedicated website to secure their gear and contribute to this groundbreaking initiative.

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Last modified: December 26, 2023
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