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### NFL Collaborates with Amazon to Launch AI-Powered Sports Experience

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and NFL Next Gen Stats are actively showcasing their partnership through …

With the help of generative AI-powered technology, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the NFL are aiming to capture the interest of Generation Z by introducing a new gaming experience.

Collaborating closely, these two entities have unveiled “Playbook Pass Rush,” an online game that is readily available for download from either the game store or their official website. This innovative game leverages pressure probability, a predictive feature that assists players in making strategic decisions for both offense and defense based on real-time NFL data. The development of this game utilized Amazon Titan technology, and it was officially launched on November 9. However, the specific details regarding the economic arrangement and data sharing agreement between the two parties have not been disclosed to the public.

In the realm of sports, organizations like the NFL and the NBA are increasingly embracing AI technologies to attract users to their platforms. For instance, the Los Angeles Rams are utilizing AI to enhance their advertising efforts, showcasing the pivotal role that conceptual AI plays in shaping and refining promotional strategies within the industry.

Ari Entin, the head of sports marketing at AWS, emphasized that the interactive nature of the game is designed to educate fans, particularly the younger demographic of Generation Z, about the sophisticated statistical analyses employed in real-time NFL matches.

“Playbook Pass Rush” serves not only as a form of entertainment but also as a strategic marketing tool to showcase pressure probability. Entin explained that this feature employs four distinct AI models, drawing insights from over 90,000 plays spanning the past five years of football to predict the likelihood of each defender creating pressure during plays. This valuable data was first made accessible on NFL platforms in 2023. However, the exact number of players engaged with the game remains undisclosed by both the NFL and AWS.

Mike Band, the senior director of NFL Next Gen Stats Research and Analytics, expressed the organization’s commitment to promoting this game as a means of enhancing awareness and understanding of the underlying statistical analyses. Band emphasized that actively engaging with the game is more effective in educating fans about these complex concepts compared to traditional methods of learning statistics.

Furthermore, the NFL actively curates organic content related to its games on various social media platforms such as Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), and Facebook. Notable figures like Arizona Cardinals’ Kelvin Beachum, New York Giants’ Tyrod Taylor, and Cincinnati Bengals’ Orlando Brown Jr. have been commended for their efforts in promoting the sport and AI technology on their respective social channels. However, the specifics of any financial arrangements between Amazon, the NFL, and these influencers remain undisclosed.

Despite the lack of transparency regarding budget allocations, reports from Pathmatics and Vivvix indicate substantial investments in advertising by the NFL and Amazon. The NFL’s advertising expenditure has surged to over \(44 million in 2023, marking a significant increase of \)31 million from the previous year, while Amazon has escalated its advertising spending to slightly over \(4.1 billion from \)3.8 billion during the same period in the preceding year.

Moreover, Lauren Papes, an associate partner specializing in modern exercise at Prophet, a strategic consulting firm, highlighted the educational aspect of the game. She noted that beyond entertainment, the game offers training opportunities and contributes to heightened fan engagement, potentially leading to new revenue streams and cross-promotional ventures as the platform continues to attract a growing audience.

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Last modified: February 24, 2024
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