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– Enable chat with MetaAI on WhatsApp using a new convenient switch

Have a chat with a fake friend after conversing with your real ones.

Mark Zuckerberg’s aspiration to incorporate Meta AI into WhatsApp is widely recognized. Meta announced its plan to integrate an AI-powered bot into the messaging platform back in September.

A recent development highlighted by WABetaInfo is the discovery of a small button within WhatsApp that enables users to engage in AI-powered conversations with a simple tap.

What occurs upon pressing the button?

Positioned above the familiar “Begin a New Chat” icon on the Chats page, this new AI toggle was previously concealed within the depths of users’ email lists, as noted by WABetaInfo.

New Meta AI shortcut inside WhatsApp

Screenshot of the newly introduced Meta AI button provided by WABetaInfo

With this colorful and prominent shortcut, a broader user base can now easily access the feature, promising an engaging experience.

Upon activation, the button is likely to initiate interactions with an AI-powered chatbot designed to offer companionship, personalized guidance, and entertaining exchanges.

To preview this innovative feature, interested users can access a demo by installing the latest WhatsApp alpha version from the Google Play Store. Despite being in the beta phase, the rollout of WhatsApp’s new AI bot is anticipated to be not too distant from a stable release, according to AndroidPolice.

Meta’s ambitious plan involves integrating MetaAI across all its platforms, encompassing Instagram, WhatsApp, and even the recently launched Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses.

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Last modified: February 17, 2024
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