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### Anticipated Highlights of Les 2024: “AI Takes Center Stage”

Artificial intelligence will take center stage at the massive CES 2024 technology trade show, which…

At the Les 2024 tech industry event, set to kick off on Tuesday in Las Vegas, the spotlight will be on synthetic intelligence, particularly the rising popularity of generative AI. While some may view it as mere marketing hype, major players like Intel, Walmart, Best Buy, and Jump are gearing up to showcase AI-powered products and services.

The applications of AI will span across various sectors including automotive, dining, home security, healthcare, and imaging. Unique presentations will feature tools for hair and scalp analysis, lie detection during exams, and even a smart bed to enhance sleep quality.

Les 2024 will also showcase personalized computer manufacturers highlighting the next wave of AI-powered PCs.

According to Gary Shapiro, the CEO of the Consumer Technology Association behind Les, “AI steals the show,” as reported by Investor’s Business Daily. He expressed keen interest in observing how businesses integrate and discuss AI technologies.

Key Highlights from Qualcomm and Intel at Les 2024

Leading up to the main event, Les administrators will conduct a series of pre-show presentations for the media starting on Sunday afternoon, culminating in the final day on Friday.

Tech giants like Intel (INTC), Qualcomm (QCOM), Snap (SNAP), retailers Best Buy (BBY), Walmart (WMT), beauty giant L’Oreal (LRLC Y), Nasdaq (NDAQ), health insurer Elevance Health (ELV), and industrial firms Siemens (SIEGY) and HD Hyundai are among the keynote speakers set to grace the stage at Les 2024.

Anticipated Attendance and Exhibitors

With over 130,000 attendees expected, Les 2024 is poised to host more than 3,500 vendors and about 1,000 startups at the Eureka Park venue. The exhibition space will span 2.4 million square feet, a 10% increase from the previous year’s event.

The 2024 show will welcome around 800 new exhibitors, including Kubota (KUBTY) and Goodyear Tire & Rubber (GT), marking the 58th edition of CES.

While Les was previously known as the Consumer Electronics Show, it has evolved into a comprehensive tech event encompassing robotics, smart cities, healthcare, food tech, and more.

AI Integration Across Consumer Electronics

Major consumer electronics brands like LG Electronics, Samsung, and Sony (SONY) will showcase their latest audiovisual products alongside an array of smart devices. AI will be a common theme, permeating various product categories from TVs and stereo systems to cars, retail, healthcare, and robotics.

The event will host over 30 panel discussions focusing on AI’s impact on diverse industries such as agriculture, entertainment, finance, healthcare, media, and transportation.

Artistic Creations with Generative AI

Generative AI will take center stage at Les 2024, with promotional artwork for the event itself crafted using this cutting-edge technology. The Consumer Technology Association collaborated with the creative agency Evidence to produce visually striking images using AI tools primarily from Adobe (ADBE).

Cutting-Edge AI Technologies and Edge Computing

The program will emphasize advanced AI applications like AI-powered phones and PCs, with a focus on local processing for enhanced efficiency. Industry leaders like Intel, along with Dell Technologies, HP, Lenovo, and Microsoft, will showcase a range of AI-powered PCs at the event.

Silicon companies will unveil their latest AI chips for various devices, from PCs and smartphones to data centers, while other chip manufacturers will exhibit their latest integrated circuits for wireless communication, memory management, and more.

Continued Emphasis on Consumer Electronics

With a significant portion of CES dedicated to consumer-facing technology, companies like Apple, Meta Platforms, Vuzix, and others will showcase their augmented and virtual reality headsets. Streaming platforms and smart TV technologies from Hisense, LG, Samsung, TCL, and Vizio will also be in the spotlight.

Diverse Exhibits Including Robots and Beauty Tech

Expect a wide range of exhibits at Les 2024, featuring electronic grills, robots, beauty tech products, and even autonomous vehicles. Companies like Yo-Kai Express, L’Oreal, and Starlink will demonstrate their innovative technologies, from self-sufficient bistros to AI-powered nail salons.

Focus on Automotive Innovations

The event will also delve into the automotive sector, showcasing electric vehicles, advanced safety features, and in-car entertainment systems. Leading automakers like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Kia, Hyundai, and VinFast Auto will be among the participants, highlighting the latest advancements in mobility.

Varied Exhibits Including Flying Vehicles and Robotics

From flying vehicles and electric boats to electronic motorcycles and robots, Les 2024 will feature a diverse array of transportation technologies. Companies like Xpeng AeroHT, Brunswick, and Zoox will present their innovations in eVTOL aircraft, recreational boats, and autonomous vehicles.

Sphere Entertainment Complex: An Advertising Showcase

The Sphere Entertainment Complex, a prominent advertising venue in Las Vegas, will draw attention during the event with its stunning LED displays. The exterior of the 366-foot-tall structure will feature captivating visuals from various companies, making it a focal point for advertising during CES 2024.

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Last modified: January 16, 2024
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