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– Recreating Sopranos Characters Using Cutting-Edge AI Technology


The photographer and graphics architect utilized the latest text-to-image technology to create a stunning collection of AI renditions featuring characters from The Simpsons.

Milie, also known as Princess Prompt online, shared that she leveraged cutting-edge artificial intelligence tools like Midjourney v6 and an upscaler to craft AI interpretations of The Simpsons characters.

Expressing her motivation, Milie stated, “I wanted to explore the capabilities of the newest Midjourney version.” She decided to start with The Sopranos characters due to their unique features, light colors, and distinctive accessories.


Milie’s process involved sourcing snapshots of the characters and adjusting the “image bodyweight” parameters using Midjourney. She provided precise descriptions for each snapshot to guide the AI.

Specific characters like Ned Flanders AINed FlandersGroundskeeper Willy AIWillie, the landscaperSelma and Patty AISelma and Patty were part of the project.

Describing the challenge, Milie mentioned, “The goal was to humanize The Simpsons characters. I aimed to eliminate their yellow skin tone and present them as relatable individuals.”

Maintaining a consistent approach for each character, Milie fine-tuned the details to achieve the desired aesthetic.

“After generating all the characters, I refined them further using Magnific, which enhanced features like skin texture, hair, and wrinkles,” Milie explained.

She dedicated a week to creating each character, enjoying the process without undue pressure. The creative endeavor became a source of joy, with the addictive nature of Midjourney’s results adding to the excitement.

Characters like Simpson, Odysseus AISimpson, OdysseusTheodore Muntz AITheodore MuntzChief Skinner AIChief SkinnerJefferies, Waylon AIJefferies, Waylon varied in complexity, with some requiring more time and attention to detail.

For instance, in crafting Smithers’ character, Milie focused on defining his hair accurately to achieve a realistic portrayal.

Milie highlighted the importance of selecting the final images, a task that demanded careful consideration to align with the initial vision amidst the abundance of AI-generated options.

Impressive Results

Milie’s striking AI creations garnered significant attention on Facebook, amassing nearly 100,000 reactions from the audience.

The diverse reactions reflected a range of emotions from enthusiasm to disbelief, underscoring the strong connection people have with The Simpsons characters.

Milie praised the latest version of Midjourney for producing more detailed and faithful results, enhancing the overall creative process.

With almost two decades of experience in artistic imagery, Milie expressed her fascination with exploring new tools and techniques, particularly embracing the possibilities offered by conceptual artificial intelligence.

While experimenting with various AI models like Secure Diffusion and Disco Difffusion, Milie found Midjourney to be her preferred choice due to its ability to generate rich and precise images.

Looking ahead, Milie aims to integrate her artistic flair with artificial intelligence, potentially exploring training her own AI models using platforms like Stable Diffusion.

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Last modified: January 11, 2024
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