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### AI Launches Unstoppable Web 2.5 Universe in Compliance with State and RBI

The platform aims to offer a seamless transition into virtual environments while adhering to legal …

UnstoppableMeta, following state laws and the guidelines of the Reserve Bank of India, has introduced the Web 2.5 universe habitat through AI, a virtual real platform enabled by AI and data.

The server, driven by a software development interface, supports a software as a service-based solution tailored to meet the needs of companies venturing into the metaverse. The aim is to provide a smooth entry into online environments with the InvincibleMeta habitat, maintaining a legitimate foundation while sidestepping the usual complexities and uncertainties associated with crypto.

The company offers three distinct products: VRbank, VRRetail, and VRAuto, catering to the banking, wholesale, and automotive sectors respectively. The Web 2.5 system facilitates a two-way entry point into the universe, bridging the gap between businesses and consumers in virtual realms by enabling content access across desktops, mobile applications, and VR headsets.

Ajay Setia, the founder and CEO of Invincible Meta, emphasized the company’s methodical approach in acknowledging regulatory and operational challenges inherent in merging digital reality and bitcoin for widespread adoption. Setia envisions the future embedded in the metaverse, advocating for a progressive shift towards embracing it seamlessly to facilitate a harmonious transition into this new era.

While businesses strive to establish their presence in the metaverse, uncertainties persist regarding maximizing its potential. The company’s B2B2C system not only aims to align with business needs but also leverages direct-to-consumer marketing strategies to boost consumer engagement. Unstoppable Meta plans to create an ecosystem for both enterprises and consumers by forging partnerships with celebrities and initiating public relations campaigns as part of its overarching strategy.

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Last modified: February 23, 2024
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