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### Exploring AI’s Educational Advantages at Washington County, Virginia Universities

ABINGDON, Va. (WJHL) — A presentation about how artificial intelligence (AI) can be a useful tool i…

A presentation discussing the utility of artificial intelligence (AI) as an effective educational tool took place during the Washington County School Board meeting in Abingdon, Virginia (WJHL) on Thursday.

Superintendent Keith Perrigan highlighted the emergence of AI-influenced homework submissions at the beginning of the academic year. He emphasized the importance of proactively exploring the advantages of AI in education rather than dealing with potential disruptions caused by its integration.

Addressing the malfunction of the camera in the prison transport van during Sean Williams’ escape, a U.S. Marshal noted the critical role of surveillance technology.

Perrigan underscored the school’s commitment to leveraging AI for educational enhancement while avoiding overreliance that could diminish students’ learning experiences. The goal is to utilize artificial intelligence to improve the quality and relevance of students’ work rather than allowing it to replace their efforts entirely.

Dr. Tammy Williams, Supervisor of Innovation, Professional Development, and Assessment, showcased practical AI tools during the presentation, including the use of aircraft simulations in high school classrooms.

One notable application mentioned by Perrigan is a translator app designed to assist non-native English speakers in fully engaging with classroom activities without the need for an interpreter.

Williams elaborated on how AI can serve as a valuable aid for educators, offering capabilities such as generating leading questions and conducting assessments based on input data. The emphasis was on the importance of providing comprehensive information to AI systems to ensure optimal outcomes.

Perrigan highlighted the positive reception of an AI-focused conference among teachers, indicating a growing interest in exploring the potential benefits and drawbacks of AI in educational settings.

While acknowledging some teachers’ reservations, particularly among English instructors, Perrigan stressed the significance of proactive evaluation to distinguish between advantageous and detrimental applications of AI in education.

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Last modified: February 27, 2024
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