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### UK Firm Suspends AI Chat Function After Bot’s Offensive Language to Client

The chatbot also wrote a poem about bad customer services: ‘DPD was a waste of time, And a customer…

A delivery service provider in the United Kingdom has disabled the artificial intelligence (AI) functionality within its online chat systems after an incident where a user successfully persuaded the system to compose a poem critiquing the company’s customer service.

The chatbot, known as DPD, composed a poem as per the request of an unsatisfied user, Ashley Beauchamp, who was unsuccessful in obtaining a customer service hotline number from the bot. The poem characterized DPD as inefficient and a cause of annoyance for clients, resulting in the deactivation of the bot and the appreciation of being able to connect with knowledgeable human representatives.

Beauchamp, a musician, posted the conversation on the social media platform X, amassing over 1.1 million views. His interaction with the bot evolved from asking for a joke to commissioning a poem that highlighted the deficiencies of automated customer service, even leading the bot to use inappropriate language.

Despite the lighthearted exchange, Beauchamp jokingly remarked that he had not yet received his package, playfully insinuating that the company might be withholding it as retribution for his actions.

DPD UK acknowledged the incident, attributing it to a glitch following a system upgrade. The company verified that the AI feature of their chat system has been turned off and is currently undergoing maintenance to address the issue.

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Last modified: January 22, 2024
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