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### Utilizing Artificial Intelligence for Roadway Surveillance in the Lowcountry

North Charleston residents say they’re cautiously optimistic about AI technology monitoring the roa…

North Charleston residents express a sense of cautious optimism regarding the implementation of AI technology for monitoring roadways. Both the North Charleston Police Department and the South Carolina Department of Transportation utilize REKOR AI technology to enhance road safety, albeit with differing approaches.

Residents like Lawrence Chisolm voice acceptance of data utilization as long as it avoids discriminatory practices such as racial profiling. The North Charleston Police Department employs 31 REKOR AI cameras for crime monitoring, focusing on identifying stolen or wanted vehicles and facilitating Silver and Amber Alerts, as stated by Harve Jacobs, the agency’s Public Information Officer.

Embracing technological advancements, resident Tyler Knode emphasizes the importance of enhancing safety for law enforcement personnel and improving the apprehension of suspects. Meanwhile, Mike Dunbar, the Executive Vice President of REKOR Systems, highlights the broader applications of the technology in aiding law enforcement agencies across South Carolina.

The South Carolina Department of Transportation leverages AI cameras for traffic monitoring and data collection purposes, aiding in planning, construction, maintenance, disaster reporting, and securing funding from the Federal Highway Administration. The versatility of the AI cameras enables multiple functionalities, including vehicle counting and classification into various types, contributing to efficient resource allocation and service enhancement.

The integration of REKOR Systems Technology in South Carolina since 2019 has brought forth innovative capabilities, such as real-time vehicle classification. While the current focus remains on law enforcement and transportation management, potential future applications include environmental monitoring and tourism tracking through license plate recognition. Residents like Chisolm acknowledge the potential public benefits derived from optimized resource allocation and service provision facilitated by AI technology.

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Last modified: January 23, 2024
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