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### Tom Hanks Criticizes SAG-AFTRA’s Artificial Intelligence Guidelines as a “Temporary Setback”

The actor himself was the victim of an AI fraud last month

Tom Hanks believes that conversations surrounding the utilization of artificial intelligence in media have only recently commenced. The acclaimed two-time Oscar winner conveyed to the Financial Times his conviction that the responsible use of AI necessitates continual vigilance. He found himself ensnared in the realm of AI when a synthetic version of himself was featured in an advertisement endorsing sagging dentures in October.

The resolution that concluded the SAG-AFTRA dispute, imposing constraints on the replication of artists’ likenesses, voices, and visuals without consent, is perceived by Hanks as more of a temporary halt rather than a definitive resolution to the impact AI will exert on the realm of acting.

Expressing his sentiment, Hanks remarked, “They’ll have to revisit that afterward.”

The iconic “Forrest Gump” actor reiterated his stance that audiences may exhibit a keener interest in the application of AI compared to performers, deeming it a “pragmatic” approach.

“Some individuals may harbor reservations due to the lack of genuine human presence, whereas others may remain indifferent as long as the narrative is compelling,” he articulated. “This scenario is not vastly different from the integration of any other tool into the filmmaking process since the advent of sound.”

According to reports, Hanks’ observations underscore his “long view” perspective, influenced by his profound appreciation for history.

His upcoming venture, “The Moonwalkers,” a one-hour immersive production premiering on December 6 in London, promises to offer spectators a novel outlook on past and future lunar expeditions through a blend of music and contemporary projections. This undertaking is deeply rooted in historical influence. The recording sessions are taking place at the illustrious Abbey Road Studios in London, renowned for its significant contributions to the entertainment industry, notably serving as The Beatles’ primary recording venue.

Since witnessing Neil Armstrong’s historic lunar landing in 1969, Hanks has harbored a profound fascination with the moon from a young age.

Overwhelmed by the magnitude of the moment, he recollected, “Oh, my God, I felt fortunate to be alive. It was a technological feat that paved the way for a rich tapestry of narratives.”

Nonetheless, the “Apollo 13” luminary, who also played a pivotal role in producing and narrating HBO’s 1998 miniseries “From the Earth to the Moon,” has politely declined Jeff Bezos’ offer to embark on Blue Origin’s tourist rocket and venture into space alongside his idols.

“I’ll pass,” Hanks quipped, acknowledging that an 11-minute voyage priced at $28 million seemed inadequately ambitious.

Hanks aspires for his latest project to illuminate the cyclical nature of history.

“If I were to reveal that the entire global populace is presently embroiled in a significant conflict, the Middle East remains ensnared in turmoil, and societal divisions persist due to political affiliations in the United States, would you be able to distinguish between the events of 1969 and those of 2023?” he posed.

Reflecting on the historic moon landing, he mused, “I doubt humanity will ever witness a moment as unifying as that again.”

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Last modified: February 19, 2024
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