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– Tola Capital Secures $230M for Investing in AI-Powered Enterprise Software

Tola Capital III will invest 25 to 30 companies and write average check sizes of between $1 million…

Tola Capital, a venture capital firm focusing on AI-driven enterprise software, recently unveiled its latest fund, amassing $230 million in capital commitments for its third fund, marking its most substantial fundraising effort to date.

In the realm of new VC funds, Tola stands alongside prominent players like NXTP, Saviu Ventures, Kinterra Capital, Riverwood Capital, Twelve Below, SEVA, Ballistic Ventures, Founders Fund, and Avra, all securing significant financial backing.

Despite the challenges faced by most VCs in the recent fundraising landscape, the surge in interest surrounding artificial intelligence presented a favorable opportunity for Tola Capital to launch a new fund. Sheila Gulati, the co-founder and managing director of Tola Capital, emphasized the immense potential of AI, highlighting the transformative impact it holds on the future of work.

Having established Tola Capital in 2010 with a team of seasoned enterprise software professionals during the rise of cloud computing, Gulati, a former leader in enterprise IT strategy at Microsoft, expressed her excitement for the AI domain, underscoring the unparalleled possibilities it offers for reshaping work dynamics.

With a keen focus on AI, Tola Capital has raised a total of $688 million, positioning itself as a key player in investing in startups that revolutionize the enterprise software sector through AI integration. The firm concentrates on the application layer of AI, steering clear of foundational AI technologies.

Tola Capital’s investment strategy has proven fruitful, with previous funds yielding numerous successful exits, including acquisitions of Clipchamp by Microsoft, OSIsoft by AVEVA, and Hybris by SAP.

In its latest fund, Tola Capital III aims to invest in 25 to 30 companies globally, with varying check sizes for seed-stage and Series A and B companies. The firm has already allocated funds to eight companies, such as Arcus, ESG Flo, FeatureByte, Fetcher, Holistic AI, Langsafe, Lumeus, and Zilla.

Emphasizing a preference for startups with genuine innovation, Tola Capital seeks teams that possess a blend of inventive ideas, market potential, and a strong organizational culture geared towards building groundbreaking enterprises. Gulati stresses the importance of partnering with ambitious entrepreneurs poised to scale their businesses into multibillion-dollar ventures.

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Last modified: February 18, 2024
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