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– Enhancing Content Production Efficiency: A Tech Company’s Utilization of Two Innovative AI Tools

Tech firm uses a brace of generative AI tools to slash content production times – SiliconANGL…

Kiteworks Pte Ltd. is leveraging advanced artificial intelligence concepts to transform its operations, while the majority of us are still in the early stages of exploring its potential.

The company, known for its secure email and file sharing system, utilizes cutting-edge AI platforms for a wide range of functions, from enhancing sales strategies to optimizing email marketing campaigns. Executives have reported significant achievements, including a doubling of outbound search traffic, a surge in sales leads, and a remarkable tenfold increase in performance.

Patrick Spencer, the Vice President of Corporate Marketing and Research, proudly stated, “Our network has never been more extensive.”

This transformative journey commenced six months ago when Tim Freestone, the Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer, emphasized the importance of leveraging AI tools to drive innovation within the team, referring to them as “prompting geniuses.”

Assortment of Tools

Since then, the company has adopted a diverse set of tools to streamline the creation of search-optimized content such as blog posts, e-books, sales collateral, marketing materials, and sales scripts. They utilize Anthropic PBC’s Claude for long-form content generation and OpenAI Inc.’s ChatGPT for concise information.

The conceptual engine from Perplexity AI Inc., known for its robust data sourcing capabilities, provides accurate citations, a feature lacking in ChatGPT. Freestone praised the engine, highlighting its efficiency in gathering information for a lecture on AI security, a task that would have taken hours otherwise.

According to the insights shared by the company, Google LLC’s Area 120 initiative, Chatbase, is developing a unique GPT model tailored for their needs. Freestone explained how they leverage vast amounts of cryptocurrency data to generate talking points, emails, and scripts in compliance with regulations. The interface is finely tuned to guide sales representatives, enhancing their interactions with the AI system. Jina AI GmbH’s PromptPerfect facilitates the creation of effective prompts for relational machines.

Content Generation Excellence

Through meticulous tool selection and extensive practice, Kiteworks has evolved into a proficient content creation entity, catering to various industries with tailored content. Spencer mentioned the continuous evolution of outcomes due to the influx of new information, ensuring dynamic and relevant content delivery.

Chatbots play a pivotal role in automating sales education, enabling representatives to customize their communications based on the sales scenario. Freestone highlighted the efficiency gains, noting a significant reduction in training time for sales reps.

To address the stringent regulatory requirements of their clientele, Kiteworks utilizes Claude to digest extensive regulatory texts efficiently, streamlining the content creation process. The AI engines significantly expedite content creation, reducing the time taken from weeks to mere hours.

Localization and Translation

A significant portion of the company’s English blog posts have been translated into multiple languages using integrated language tools. Freestone emphasized the importance of optimizing content for different regions, leveraging AI-generated insights to enhance searchability and relevance.

Prompting plays a crucial role in generating successful AI-driven content, with Freestone recommending specific phrases to control the pace of responses from ChatGPT effectively. He stressed the importance of human oversight in the content creation process to ensure quality and accuracy.

Kiteworks’ streamlined operations have eliminated the need for additional marketing staff, thanks to the efficiency gains achieved through AI integration. Freestone highlighted the benefits of PRAI Inc.’s “agency in a box” tool, which played a pivotal role in capturing the interest of media outlets.

Spencer underlined the personalized approach facilitated by AI tools, tailoring content based on individual backgrounds and preferences to enhance engagement and relevance.

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Last modified: February 12, 2024
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