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– AI on TikTok: Users Creating Tracks, Some Hilariously Awful

TikTok is testing a feature called “AI Song” that lets users generate their own tracks …

“Heart on my sleeve,” which featured AI versions of Drake and The Weeknd, became a sensation on TikTok. Getty Images

  • TikTok is experimenting with a novel feature enabling users to craft songs using AI technology.
  • The reception of “AI Song” outcomes has been varied, with numerous instances showcasing off-key vocals and unconventional lyrics.
  • A creation showcasing AI renditions of Drake and The Weeknd gained immense popularity on TikTok the previous year.

The next trendsetting TikTok melody might soon emerge from artificial intelligence.

The platform is trialing a functionality named “AI Song,” empowering users to produce their personalized musical backgrounds for videos.

Clips shared on TikTok exhibit users inputting prompts to generate lyrics and fine-tuning the genres of their AI-crafted tunes spanning pop, EDM, and hip-hop.

This innovative feature, currently in limited testing, is fuelled by a sophisticated language model referred to as Bloom, as disclosed in one of the videos.

Results have been varied, with numerous tracks featuring vocals that are off-key and lyrics that are often peculiar. Users have leveraged AI Song to compose EDM tracks celebrating editing a TikTok video on an iPhone and pop tunes illustrating the process of making concrete.

According to a spokesperson cited by The Verge, TikTok is evaluating the feature, which might undergo a name change. The spokesperson mentioned that AI Song pairs AI-generated lyrics with music sourced from an existing collection.

TikTok has encountered backlash regarding AI-generated music previously. “Heart on my sleeve,” a track generated by AI and performed by imitations of Drake and The Weeknd, garnered significant attention before being removed from Spotify and YouTube due to copyright infringement claims.

In November, Bad Bunny criticized a TikTok song utilizing an AI simulation of his voice, expressing that individuals who listened to the track “don’t deserve to be my friends” and were unwelcome at his concerts.

Numerous tech enterprises are contending with the challenge of managing the influx of content produced by artificial intelligence. Spotify was compelled to eliminate tens of thousands of tracks generated using tools developed by AI startup Boomy in May.

TikTok has also endeavored to regulate the proliferation of AI-generated content. Towards the end of last year, the platform, owned by Bytedance, implemented fresh regulations mandating users to tag content created by AI.

Business Insider’s request for comment from TikTok outside regular working hours did not receive an immediate response.

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