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### YouTube Short Challenges TikTok with Music-Making AI for Developers

YouTube creators will get to test a new AI tool that generates and remixes music in the style of se…

The trend of short-form movies gained popularity through TikTok’s features for incorporating music into brief videos. Google has introduced an AI tool named Dream Track, enabling select YouTube Shorts creators to produce songs inspired by seven distinct artists like Charlie Puth, Demi Lovato, Sia, and T-Pain.

Dream Track users can input prompts like “a song about opposites attracting, Upbeat Acoustic,” and select an artist for the song’s style, resulting in a 30-second clip creation.

These innovative AI capabilities aim to attract users from TikTok, known for its popular tools for adding audio and visual effects. Google is exploring ways to compensate artists whose work contributed to the development of its music-generating algorithms, especially concerning potential ad revenue from videos featuring AI-generated sound.

Wish Track utilizes Lyria, an AI engine developed by Google Deepmind, known for its cutting-edge AI technologies. Lyor Cohen, YouTube’s music head, expressed excitement over the AI’s performance demonstration in London, envisioning its appeal to the music industry.

The collaboration with seven musicians allowed Dream Track to replicate their styles through conceptual AI. YouTube’s incubator program aims to explore innovative uses of relationalAI with artists. Music AI, another creation using Lyria, empowers musicians to remix and enhance tracks across genres swiftly.

Despite concerns about AI tools using artists’ work without consent, some, like Grimes, are embracing the trend by open-sourcing their music imagery. Artists involved in YouTube’s AI experiments, such as Charlie Puth and Demi Lovato, express optimism about the collaboration with Google and YouTube.

Google employs Synth-Passport technology to watermark music created with Lyria, ensuring recognition without human audibility. The company aims to credit contributors despite training Lyria on a wide range of song content.

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Last modified: November 16, 2023
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