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### Mind-Blowing AI Animation Tool Unveiled

The AI research company, Runway lets you beef up your generative AI images with its new Motion Brus…

More AI tools are emerging to enhance the capabilities of existing popular generators, with the latest innovation causing a stir among users.

Runway, an AI research company, has unveiled the second iteration of its Motion Brush tool, designed to animate elements of AI-generated images, particularly those crafted in Midjourney. This intuitive brush tool for animating images seems almost magical—a testament to the power of AI when harnessed effectively. A video shared by AI enthusiast Rory Flynn demonstrates the tool’s capabilities in action.

Numerous creators are already exploring the creative possibilities offered by the Motion Brush tool, breathing life into static images such as trucks traversing dirt roads, scenic nature views with panning effects, dynamic figures and animals, swirling leaves in the breeze, and drifting clouds. Runway has also exhibited examples of animating waterfalls, fish in an aquarium, flames, and the wisps of smoke from a burning cigarette.

The Motion Brush functionality operates by uploading an image to the platform, selecting “Start with Image,” and then opting for the “Motion Brush” tool. Users can then apply the brush to the desired area of the image for animation. Alternatively, they can generate an image within Runway using a text prompt before utilizing the Motion Brush feature. Adjustments for horizontal, vertical, and proximity controls can be confirmed at the bottom of the interface before saving the changes. Subsequently, users can create a video by selecting the “Extend 4s” button, with the option to expand the video length up to 16 seconds by clicking “Extend 4s” again. The generated videos can be downloaded, shared, or integrated into other editing platforms.

Noteworthy combinations include utilizing Motion Brush in conjunction with Camera Controls, enabling users to animate specific image elements while simulating camera movements such as panning or zooming. The latest updates also introduce Gen-2 Style Presets for adding stylistic enhancements without prompts, and enhancements to Director Mode for fine-tuning camera movements with precision.

The user interface of the Motion Brush tool mirrors that of conventional image or video editing software, offering a range of functions and capabilities based on the user’s subscription tier, which includes Basic, Standard, Pro, Unlimited, or Enterprise options. Currently in beta, the Motion Brush tool is accessible to all members of the Runway platform.

In addition to the Motion Brush upgrade, Runway has rolled out new Gen-2 Style Presets, updated Camera Controls, and various other features, as announced on its X (formerly Twitter) profile.

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Last modified: February 18, 2024
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