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### Top 5 Lucrative AI Remote Jobs Offering $100K+ Salaries

On LinkedIn, job postings that mention either AI or generative AI more than doubled globally betwee…

According to recent research from LinkedIn, the industries with the highest demand for AI skills may not be the most obvious. Since December 2022, the top sectors recruiting for AI-related positions have been professional services, administrative and support services, and manufacturing.

The number of global job postings on LinkedIn referencing AI or related concepts has more than doubled between July 2021 and 2017. This surge in AI job openings is also evident across various other job search platforms.

Trey Causey, the accountable AI lead at a certain organization, noted a substantial increase of nearly 4,000% in requests for roles related to relational AI in the last month, with job postings for such positions rising by 306% during the same period.

While some AI positions are more sought after than others, statistics from Truly and ZipRecruiter shared with CNBC Make It highlight the top five AI roles currently in demand by businesses:

  1. Professor specializing in data analysis
  2. Technology engineer
  3. Data expert
  4. Research scholar
  5. Product supervisor

Analyzing data from Indeed and ZipRecruiter, CNBC Make It identified the five most sought-after AI positions across both platforms. These roles command average salaries exceeding \(100,000, with product managers earning the highest average salary at \)153,698, and data professors the lowest at $127,128.

Moreover, all these positions offer remote work opportunities, with thousands of remote openings available for each role.

Companies are also seeking individuals with AI literacy for non-technical roles like supply chain professionals and sales managers, as reported by LinkedIn. Despite the growing demand for specialized AI roles such as software engineers and data scientists in the past year, there is a continued need for AI talent across various functions as businesses increasingly integrate IoT into their operations.

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Last modified: February 19, 2024
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