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### AI Service Providers Could Potentially Shorten Your Workweek to Just Three Days

While Elon Musk thinks AI will replace all jobs, this startup believes AI agents working with human…

The recent hype surrounding the concept of a four-day week indicates a widespread desire for a reprieve from the traditional 9 to 5 grind. Nonetheless, a novel enterprise originating from the UK is poised to revolutionize the work landscape by advocating for even shorter workweeks without compromising success.

Over the next half-century, the company, Tomoro, envisions a paradigm shift towards a mere three-day workweek. This ambitious objective hinges on the utilization of AI “agents,” sophisticated large language models (LLMs) capable of autonomous decision-making within predefined parameters. These agents are designed to mimic human-like behavior akin to personal assistants.

Founder Ed Broussard emphasizes that Tomoro’s approach transcends mere task automation or repetitive task elimination. Instead, the company plans to integrate artificial workers alongside human employees, imbued with the ability to reason, learn, expand their knowledge, adapt their communication style, and tackle complex challenges. This innovative approach marks a departure from conventional practices prevalent in the current market.

Hailing from Scotland, Broussard, renowned for his role as the mastermind behind Mudano, an AI and data firm acquired by Accenture in 2020, is the driving force behind Tomoro, in conjunction with his involvement in ChatGPT and OpenAI. Notably, Tomoro collaborates with a company that recently made headlines by dismissing CEO Sam Altman, causing a significant upheaval in the tech sphere.

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Based in London, Tomoro is steadfast in its commitment to enhancing female workforce performance rather than displacing them from their roles. Broussard underscores the transformative potential of AI beyond mere job substitution, emphasizing its capacity to augment workplace productivity by potentially up to eightfold.

To realize its ambitious vision, Tomoro intends to assemble a top-tier research and development team comprising behavioral science luminaries and AI specialists. Despite its recent inception, the company has already secured its maiden client, PremFina, a prominent English insurance provider.

Broussard draws parallels between the societal impact of AI and the agricultural revolution, envisioning a future where AI streamlines productivity akin to promising an abundance of food with minimal toil to a hunter-gatherer. While Elon Musk speculates on a future where AI supplants human labor, Broussard envisions a symbiotic relationship between AI and human expertise in the workplace of tomorrow.

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Last modified: February 22, 2024
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